European Festivals You Can’t Miss

 European Festivals You Can’t Miss

Find out what European festivals you cannot miss! Get ready for days filled with music, glitter and dancing around in the sunshine! We want to let you know of all fun festivals happening around you, so get your wallet ready, you do not want to miss out on these!

Primavera Sound

Based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, this creative festival has a lot to offer besides good quality line-up!
When and where: 30 May – 1 June, Barcelona, Spain

Rock am Ring

Biggest Rock festival in Germany!
Where and when: 7 – 9 June, Nürburgring, Germany


This is the perfect 2 day festivel for those who do not enjoy camping!
When and where: 8-9 June, Manchester, UK

Isle of Wight Festival

The UK is known for hosting the best festivals, so it is no surprise that this one started all the way back in 1968 and welcomes world’s top artists!
When and where: 13-16 June, Isle of Wight, UK

Rock Werchter

One of Europe’s best festivals, it is a must see! The line-up, food and atmosphere make it incredible!
When and where: 27-30 June, Werchter, Belgium


This diverse music festival in a gorgeous rural setting is very enjoyable.
Where and when: 27-30 June, Marmande, France


This one is for techno and house lovers! Over 100 acts perform the best electronic music in the capital.
Where and when: 29-30 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Denmark version of Glastonbury festival, is as big and legendary
Where and when: 29 June – 6 July, Roskilde, Denmark


One of the best organised festivals in Europe! You do not have to worry about carrying and finding a spot for your tent, because tents are already set up and waiting for you! Ideal festival, especially with the brilliant line-up!
Where and when: 3-6 July, Gdynia, Poland

EXIT Festival

This festival has attracted many to visit Serbia!
Where and when: 4-7 July, Novi Sad, Serbia


The biggest urban festival in Europe, with best acts from hip-hop, grime, garage and more.
Where and when: 5-7 July, Finsbury Park, UK

Ultra Europe

Most famous festival in the world which takes place over an extravagant weekend with the biggest electronic music acts.
Where and when: 12-14 July, Split, Croatia

Dour Festival

Friendliest music festival in Europe! All staff are lovely and the line-up is great!
Where and when: 10-14 July, Dour, Belgium

Mad Cool Festival

New festival with rock, indie and electronic music! Huge line-up with the biggest artists from all around the world.
Where and when: 11-13 July, Madrid, Spain

NOS Alive

The biggest festival in Lisbon! It has a great line-up and it’s close to Lisbon’s centre, so you can enjoy some of the Portuguese nightlife as an afterparty!
Where and when: 11-13 July, Lisbon, Portugal

Colours of Ostrava

Family friendly festival with babysitters on sight so people can enjoy the music knowing their kids are safe.
Where and when: 17-20 July, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Vieilles Charrues

One of the biggest festivals in France with multi-genre music suiting all sort of music lovers !
Where and when: 18-21 July, Carhaix, France


One of the most popular music festival in Europe in a beautiful beach resort. This festival set in the sunny Spain is a must!
Where and when: 18-21 July, Benicassim, Spain


Largest Romanian electronic festival with performances from world’s top DJ’s!
Where and when: 1-4 August, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

OFF Festival

This is not a mainstream festival, the artists are up and coming which makes this one different as it is interesting to see new talent!
Where and when: 2-4 August, Katowice, Poland


This festival is becoming the festival of Europe, the line-up is the top in Europe! Alcohol is also cheap as you can get wine for 3 euros!
When and where: 7 – 13 August, Budapest, Hungary


World’s leading electronic music festival has been around for 22 years! The line-up and mind blowing production definitely make it one of the best festivals.
When and where: 22-25 August, Daresbury, UK

Well, now it is your time to pick a festival, pack your bags and go enjoy yourself! Have fun and make sure to tell us your thoughts on these festivals in the comments below! Thank you very much for hanging out with Europe Language Café and see you in our next blog!

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