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Geography Quiz: European Map

To be a real geography wizz, you have to get 10/10 on this European map quiz!

Maps are the basics of geography. If you know nothing about the globe, can you really say it’s your favourite subject? As one of many of our geography quizzes, we’re putting you to the test on the map of Europe! Even if you’re not a geography expert, if you’ve ever been to Europe, live in Europe or thought about going to Europe, you should know your way round pretty well, right? Test your knowledge on our European map quiz!

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Geography Quiz: European Map
Uh oh

You better make sure you never go on a trip without a labelled map at hand!
Decent effort

Your map knowledge is ok...ish. To be fair, some of these were pretty hard.
Pretty good!

Not too shabby at all!

Your knowledge of the map of Europe is freakish

How well did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

For those geography nerds out there, here are our 5 fun facts about world geography!

  • Did you know that New York is actually more southern than Rome, and is just as south as Madrid and Naples?
  • On that same note, Beijing and Ibiza are longitudinally (north-south) in the same position, and Washington DC is even more south than both!
  • The Tabernas Desert, Spain is the only true desert in Europe and takes up just 0.06% of Spain!
  • Russia covers 11 time zones, almost double Canada’s 6.
  • Europe takes up only 6.8% of Earth’s land.

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