Europe’s best cities to work in

 Europe’s best cities to work in

The best cities to work in Europe if you don’t know where to search for a job!

We’ve listed Europe’s Top 10 best destinations to work in:

Are you willing to relocate to another country and working in an international environment – improve your CV, your language skills and your personal development? But you still don’t know in which city you are able to do this the best? Don’t worry – we’ve listed the 10 best cities to work in Europe. This cities also require multilinguals – so you should find the perfect job offer for you, too!


Austria’s capital Vienna, known as The City of Music, is considered Europe’s cultural capital. Its history, economy and environment make it the most best city to work of the world according to Mercer’s latest annual survey.


Zurich - Top 10 best cities to work in

Zurich offers a unique mixture of attractions from museums to nightlife, without forgetting its international fashion labels and designs. If the culture, fashion and partying aren’t enough to convince you, this city offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking on Uetliberg mountain or bathing in its river and lakesides.


Munich - Top 10 best cities to work in

The Bavarian capital revels in contradictions: it is well known for sports (FC Bayern Munich), festivals (Oktoberfest), industry (BMW) and its history (medieval churches, dynastic palaces and historic theatres). It is a great city for expats: out of its slightly more than a million inhabitants, 23% are foreigners. So deservedly it is also one of the best cities to work in Europe.


Düsseldorf - Top 10 best cities to work

Germany’s fashion capital doesn’t deceive: walking through certain sections of the city reminds us of Paris and its stores are always chic and stylish – and expensive –.
In Germany’s sixth city, fashion is perfectly combined with romanticism: Alstadt’s (Old Town) squares, streets and Gothic architecture satiate the most romantic – and fashionable – travellers.


Frankfurt - Top 10 best cities to work in

Yet another German city, Frankfurt surprises tourists with its international environment: almost 1 out of 3 people living in Frankfurt do not hold a German passport. Frankfurt is a perfect destination for those of you who are willing to work in business: it is the largest financial centre on the continent and is home of the European Central Bank.


Geneva - Top 10 best cities to work in

Geneva is a beautiful Swiss city situated surrounding the eponymous lake. Its most famous monument is Jet d’Eau (in the picture above) as it is the world’s tallest water fountain. The “city of peace” is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and the International Red Cross Committee. Like Frankfurt, Geneva offers great opportunities to those interested in finance, as around a hundred foreign banks are based there.


Copenhagen - Top 10 best cities to work in

Denmark’s capital is characterized by its promenades and waterfronts. It was awarded the European Green Capital Award for 2014 thanks to its initiatives on the environment. The city is the cultural, economic and governmental centre of Denmark, and one of the major financial centres in Northern Europe. It is definitely a student-friendly city with more than 94.000 students enrolled in its wide range of Universities and Institutions.


Amsterdam - Top 10 best cities to work in

No ranking would be complete without Amsterdam; the Dutch capital is 8th on Mercer’s ranking. Constantly defying stereotypes, Amsterdam has lots to offer: from its international red district and drug-friendly coffee shops to its 17th century atmosphere that anyone can feel by strolling along it’s intimate streets and canals.


Bern - Top 10 best cities to work in

Set in the heart of Switzerland, the Swiss capital, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the gateway to the Alps. The medieval airs of this city with its fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and historic towers make it totally worth visiting – and living –. Despite being in cold Switzerland, Bern is great in summer as the River Aare is great for bathing (and swimming!!!) whilst enjoying views of the Houses of Parliament and the Botanical Gardens. Doesn’t it definitely sound like one of the best cities to work in Europe?


Berlin - Top 10 best cities to worki in

The last city on our ranking is another German gem: Berlin. The German capital is definitely worth visiting: it’s glamorous, urban, multicultural, modern and historic all at the same time. Berlin is inspiring, unpredictable, amusing and embracing, making everyone feel like they belong there. And let’s not forget, it’s a party paradise; the city that truly never sleeps.

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  • Anywhere… ?

  • I’ m looking to find a work in Holland.

  • I want to work in Europe
    I have higher qualifications
    How you can help me

    • Hello Musab! Well there are hundreds of opportunities for multilingual people at Europe Language Jobs! Register and upload you CV, and you’ll be able to start applying for jobs! 😀

  • Why are there practically only Swiss and German Cities listed? I am Swiss and find Swiss people pretty boring and think most of them are not very open minded, So, relocating to germany is for me not really an Option…Do you have other cities to suggest?

    • Well if you’re looking for a totally different scene, Spain is a fantastic place for expats, especially the international areas like Barcelona. The fact that it’s so international has created a demand for foreigners with languages in many jobs across the city too. London has a lot to offer in terms of interesting and multicultural people and it’s so big that pretty much anyone can find their niche there! We hope the post gave you some inspiration for relocating! 😀

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