Greece 8 Fun Facts to Discover

 Greece 8 Fun Facts to Discover

Greece is one of the most beautiful and most visited countries in the world. From the luxurious, blue seas to the amazing, historic monuments and museums. Have a read through, and we promise to leave you smiling as well as having learned a little more about this amazing country.

We have listed some facts about Greece for you to read during the lockdown with some insightful weird and unusual facts. These facts may come in handy if you have booked your next vacation to Greece! 

1. Greek Is The Oldest Written Language 

Greek is the oldest written language still in existence. The Greek language is very unique and has been used for over 4500 years. Pretty old, right? Well, at least you’re looking at archaeological findings! The Greek language has influenced the English language and other languages over the world with thousands of words. 

2. Greece Isn’t The Real Name 

‘Greece’ isn’t really the country name. WHAT? In fact, the real name is the ‘Hellenic Republic’ and ‘Hellas’ is the original word for Greece. 

3. 40% Of The Total Population Lives In Athens 

40% of the overall population resigns in the capital, Athens. Most Greeks live in either Athens or Thessaloniki. 

4. Greece has over 1000 Islands 

Greece has more than 1500 islands! Greece’s largest instead is Crete with over 650,000 people living on it. 

5. Greece Has The Worlds Healthiest Cuisines 

Greece has the healthiest cuisines in the world. One of the reasons that people live a lot longer on Ikaria, maybe to do with healthy cuisine. They use a lot of olive oil, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. 

6. Plate Smashing

Plate smashing is a mean of celebration. So, if you are visiting Greece and visiting a specific show, don’t expect to see plate smashing everywhere you go. It’s pretty cool, there are loads of shows all over Greece and in restaurants. 

7. People Were Afraid Of Beans 

People were scared to eat beans. I know, weird, right? But this is because they believed they might contain the souls of the dead. Luckily, no one believes this today and you can find different tasty beans on menus everywhere in Greece. You should keep your eye out for ‘giant beans’ as these are worth trying on your next trip to Greece! 

8. Greeks Put Money In Their Cake 

To celebrate going into the new year with loved ones around, Greeks celebrate by eating a traditional cake called ‘vasilopita’ which is named after Saint Basil. The person decorating the cake adds a coin to the batter before baking. So, when the cake is ready to be eaten, it is cut into tiny slices and is served in a certain order which may vary from family to family. Generally, additional slices are cut in a  symbolic manner for family or friends who couldn’t attend the event. And, the person who finds the coin in their slice of cake is believed to have good luck for the upcoming year. Cool! 


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