How to keep yourself occupied during the coronavirus quarantine

 How to keep yourself occupied during the coronavirus quarantine

Stuck at home, bored? Nothing to do other than go on Instagram or Snapchat? This blog is meant for you…Here are some tips on overcoming your boredom in quarantine at your house. 

I know staying at home 7 days a week for numerous weeks isn’t quite what you had planned for 2020, we were all hoping to be planning holidays or going out for dinner with friends. But, remember this is the safest and right thing to do right now, and being occupied with work and some cool other stuff will help with your boredom whilst at home!


Paying £30 a month for a gym membership? Why? All you need is WiFi and some fun and motivating workout videos to follow along with. You could also listen to your favourite song or watch your favourite series on Netflix at the same time! 

Dance to some music! Turn up your favourite tune on the speaker and dance along to it for a quick, fun activity that will keep you smiling and to start your day. Try learning some new dance movements from videos on the internet, or you can even try the classic moonwalk or running man? Or even do a TIKTOK video?


Have you been holding off reading a book for a long time? This is your chance to dissolve your brain into a great book or read the local newspaper to keep your mind agile and to keep you occupied. This may mean you’ll be able to share your cool findings with friends and family when you see them next. Don’t forget to dive into a cosy area of your house with a cuppa coffee and relax…! 

Puzzles are for ‘losers’? No, puzzles are COOL! You can find digital puzzles on your phone, at the back of the local newspaper or you can buy some on Amazon. There are many advantages to doing puzzles such as 1. Improves your memory as they help reinforce existing connections between our brain cells 2. Improves our problem-solving skills 3. Increases your overall IQ number 4. Lowers our stress levels 5. Improves visual-spatial readings 

Want to learn a new language whilst having to be quarantined due to coronavirus? Want to achieve something you never thought was possible? Numerous free sites and apps are offering free classes online e.g. Duolingo, HelloTalk, Busuu, and Babbel. Learning a new language means you’ll be able to go to countries speaking of the language and network better, improve your performance in other academic areas, provide better career choices for yourself in the future and you’ll enhance the ability to multitask. This will also make working from home a lot more interesting and fun. 


Plan for your time at home! It’s important to be organised even if it’s not work-related. Having a structured list for the day or week will become a big advantage if you are quarantined for a while at home, this will keep you occupied for a few days, for sure! Maybe you can use some colouring pens, stickers or other decorations to make completing tasks more satisfying and personal. 

Do not neglect the dirty washing basket! Make tidying fun, by putting on some music or your favourite podcast. Having active chores that get you moving around the house like, laundry, washing windows, hoovering or mopping the floors, gives you a good physical workout. 

Have you been eyeing up that paperwork on your bedroom floor for a long time? This is the time to sort out all important documents into different categories. Reorganising and decluttering is a good time passing activity and it will help you to organise your work and home life.


Picking up a new hobby can be a lot of fun and a good challenge. Start a YouTube channel, start photography, read a new book or learn a new instrument. This will keep you focused, help pass time and could be something you can continue into the upcoming years. If you have a hard time sticking to one hobby, try to set aside half an hour dedicated to the chosen topic a day and try to keep it consistent during the weeks, months. This is also a good opportunity to see yourself progress. 

Want to start a new career? Create a new project for yourself. If things are becoming repetitive or stagnated at home, start something new. Think of ideas that will have a lasting impact on you or your new career. Find something that people need, what the people want and not being done by someone else currently. Think of something that will benefit a lot of people, and then take it upon yourself to do it. Doing this will help with boredom, help with future career and may help you become the new billionaire CEO! 

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