How to travel without leaving the house

 How to travel without leaving the house

How to travel without leaving the house

When someone asks you: “What do you like doing in your free time?”, is traveling the thing that comes to mind first? And do you believe us if we tell you it is possible to do it without leaving your house?

The truth is traveling is something we all love doing and has become the lifestyle of many.  But because of the current situation, this is now a passion we all have to put aside for a while to make sure we can come back to it as soon as possible.

But if we try to be a bit creative we can still enjoy what travelling brings to our life without having to move from the couch.

Here are our suggestions that will still make it possible to explore different cultures, meet international friends, try food from all around the world, learn languages and discover travel destinations from your home sweet home:

Watch travel vlogs

Our number one suggestion is watching travel vlogs. YouTube is full of passionate travellers that share their adventures in entertainment videos that make you feel like you joined them on that trip. This is also a great way to make a list of places you want to actually visit once that is again safe and possible.

travel vlogger

Read books

You can read a book in a language you are trying to learn. With books by native authors you can pick up some language that the local people use. This will help you sound more like a native and less like someone who had that language in school.

You can also grab a book from the travel genre. There are so many options for books that narrate a story through traveling or tell you about a country, culture and its history in many different ways – just like travelling itself.

Check out the travel genre list of recommended books by the Goodreads to get inspired and pick a favourite for you.

Guy flipping pages from a book

Call with your friends and family abroad

So many times we travel to visit friends and family that live abroad. Even before traveling became so popular there was Skype to keep in touch with our loved ones. Now there are so many apps we can use to connect and be together virtually. It is the perfect moment to have some quality time online with the people you always plan to visit and catch up with.

woman video calling

Cook a traditional dish

Food is a big part of traveling. We all wish to try all the traditional meals in the country we visit. We all want to try how a country tastes through its traditional food. Luckily, now all recipes can be found on the internet. Try to make yourself that Italian pasta dough, the Indian curry or the fajitas you friend in Mexico told you about. The harder the recipe, the better.. we have time!

girl cooking

Remember we are all in this together and we are not missing out on anything. Soon we will travel again and enjoy it even more because we will appreciate it more. Be creative and make the most out of your around the world from home trip!


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