The best way to learn a language

 The best way to learn a language

“Language learning begins with the tongue” I couldn’t have phrased this quote any better!

Learning a language can make you feel all types of ways; frustration without fail comes first but it’s not a competition. No one is trying to win the prize for being the worst noun here, but how great would it be if we could learn a foreign language while having fun at the same time? I bet we all wish it was that easy.

So if you fancy someone who doesn’t speak your native tongue, don’t let that little glitch impede on a potential relationship, I am sure “No one knows what the future holds” sounds familiar. If anything, you should see that hurdle as a challenge you must overcome.

Take full of advantage of this opportunity, I didn’t say exploit the person, but this could be a great occasion for you to acquire some new linguistic tools painlessly. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Disclaimer: this method will require you to have excellent tongue skills, especially if you’re planning on learning Spanish, there’s no way out for this one. Practice makes perfect so, let that be your motivation to move up a few shades in your target language

Here are a few reasons I came up about why dating will enhance your language learning process so much:

1) Forget the textbooks!

bored in classroom
When learning a foreign language the last thing we want is to sound like mother Thesaurus, blurting our out words that will only serve us in a court room. However, learning with the help of a native partner in the target language can help us blend in easily with the locals.

Moreover, this is an opportunity to get accustomed to hearing natives speak; such advantages are usually lacking in classrooms. We tend assume we understand a language perfectly in class due to professors slowing down their normal talking speed and then wonder why in the streets we cannot catch a word of what the natives are saying – complete flat lines to our ears.

2) Bid farewell to the long and tedious audios in classrooms

bored in class
Look forward to pleasant pillow talks with your partner, take turns at picking themes to address every other night. This could be a fantastic way to learn more about each other and breach other margins of the target language in one go.

3) You’ll want to understand your partner in every possible way.

Nothing beats the motivation of wanting to be heard and understood by our partners. Body language can only get you so far; thus, you’ll be forced to make extra efforts to obtain rapid results in order to understand each other.

4) Learn all the food and cooking vocabulary much faster!

couple cooking together
I don’t know about you but I struggle to learn words when I simply read them on paper in contrast to learning words in the moment of needing them. Cooking and going grocery shopping together are additional activities that will serve well in your relationship, not only will it strengthen your bonds as partners but it’ll similarly help you enrich your vocabulary at the same time.

5) Culture enrichment

culture enrichment

Going on trips together will by far be more enjoyable than reading and learning about cultures through textbooks. You get to taste and discover cultures on site and create unforgettable memories with your companion. Culturally speaking expeditions such as these get an A+.

6) Charades was his name!

playing charades

Playing charades is personal favourite of mine, I guarantee that you’ll make up words during the game but that’s the point, you’ll learn from your mistakes and acquire the appropriate terms for the long run. It’s another versatile option to supplement your language skill.

There you have it! It’s not always about technology when it comes to language learning.

Are you currently learning a language with the help of a partner ? Are any of  these languages English or Spanish? Test your skills right now and see what results you get!

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