Lithuanian Stereotypes Explained

 Lithuanian Stereotypes Explained

Even though Lithuania is one of the smallest and least known countries in Europe, somehow it still manages to have plenty of stereotypes floating around it. As with our other stereotype blogs, we are going to break down some Lithuanian stereotypes and facts Lithuania with hope you’ll get to know this little country a bit more!

Basketball is Lithuania’s second religion

This fact is absolutely true! Lithuanians love their national basketball team and will support them at every game, no matter if it goes good or bad! Basketball is very important for Lithuanians, since we are very good at it and boosts the world’s recognition ! Fun fact, Lithuanians have a song that is played on every game, even though it is about losing, but it became an absolute anthem of basketball.

Latvia and Lithuania are constantly being mixed for one another

If a Lithuanian is abroad and gets asked where they are from and they say Lithuania, very often you’ll hear an answer “Aah Riga!”. No, not Riga. Vilnius! Even though, Lithuanian and Latvian sounds very familiar since both are Baltic countries and call each other brothers, Lithuania and Latvia are very proud to be two separate countries that support each other!

Lithuania is a part of Russia

This Lithuanian stereotype actually gets applied to many small post Soviet Union countries. Lithuania is no way a part of Russia, it is only a neighbour of a separate part of Russia – Kaliningrad. Yes, a lot of Russian culture is still felt in Lithuania, since the country became independent only 30 years ago. However, new generations are forgetting the fact that their home country was once under the rule of Russia, and Lithuania is developing very rapidly and becoming a strong European country with its own independent identity!

A meal without potatoes and meat is not a meal

This fact is 100% true! Even all of the traditional Lithuanian foods contain meat and potatoes prepared in hundreds of different ways. No one is complaining, though! They make for some really good dishes.

lithuanian stereotypes potatoes

Other Lithuanian stereotypes:

  • Lithuanian drink a lot of strong drinks
  • You’ll meet Lithuanians everywhere but in Lithuania
  • Lithuanians feel guilty entering a flat wearing their shoes
  • Everything 50m above sea-level seems like a mountain for Lithuanian
  • In Lithuania you start counting the ground floor as first floor
  • Lithuanians love the Baltic Sea and go swimming there at nearly any temperature
  • For Lithuanian, garlic has become an ingredient just like salt or pepper
  • Lithuanians consider Lithuania the best and worst place on earth – at the same time
  • All Lithuanians teach everybody that in medieval times the Lithuanian Duchy ranged from the Baltic to the Black Sea
  • Lithuanians put an “as”, “a” or “is” at the end of foreign names, so they can conjugate them
  • you consider rain the normality and sunshine a special weather phenomenon
  • For Lithuanians, Eurovision is an event of the year

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  • I think all of them are more or less true

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