London Fun Facts To Read

 London Fun Facts To Read

London is an amazing, beautiful city. I don’t blame the millions of tourists who come to see London and its beautiful buildings each year. London holds a long fairytale-like history in its culture, social diversity and architectural masterpieces like the Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. 

You probably think you know everything about London but you don’t. Scroll down to read interesting facts about London which you may have never heard before. 

1. London Has Over 150 Museums

London is the capital and of course, it’s going to hold historical and cultural backgrounds, so museums are expected. Right? But 170 museums, really? If you have the chance to come, you will definitely need to visit some amazing museums such as the Science Museum or the Tate Modern. 

2. Damn. Over 8.7 Million People Live In the city

According to the most up to date estimation (2019), 8.9 million people reside in the UK’s capital! This is crazy!! 

Would you move here? 

3. Is Big Ben Called Big Ben? 

This is commonly mistaken by tourists and the English population. Big Ben is not the name for the iconic tower in London, however, Big Ben is the name for the clock in the tower. Mindblowing, right? 

If you are wanting to visit this amazing tower, it is located right next to The Houses Of Parliament and by Westminster Bridge. You can’t miss it!! 

In 2012 and onwards the object is named as Elizabeth Tower but in the past, the tower was known as the Clock Tower. 

4. Believe It or Not, London Is The Smallest City In England

Yes, believe it or not, London is actually a small urban area part of the Greater London Region. The City of London covers just 1.2 square miles and has a population of 7500 residents. The City of London is the smallest city in England. 

5. Over 250 languages are spoken in London

There is a large cultural diversity and is actually the most diverse city in the world. England’s capital houses over 9 million residents, who collectively speak over 250 languages including Mandarin, French, Spanish, Bengali, Punjabi and of course English. 

6. The Test Of A Black Cab Driver

You’d think picking up passengers and taking them to their destination would be easy if you’re a ‘Londoner’, but it’s not that easy. In order to e a licensed black cab driver, you will need to complete an attentive test called The Knowledge which involves memorising every single street in London. Doing so, it may mean individuals can spend years trying to learn it all. 

7. London Zoo 

Did you know London Zoo was home to the most famous animal in the world, Winne The Pooh. Winnie lived in ZSL London Zoo from 1914 until 1934 during which author AA Milne brought his son, Christopher Robin to see Winnie. She became Christopher’s favourite animal to see at the zoo. 

Oh, yes, Winnie is a girl black bear rather than a male who has yellow bearskin. And she probably didn’t eat honey every day as well as hang out with a piglet. 

8. Transportation 

The famous Underground transports over 3 million people a day and guess what, only 3 babies are known to have ever been born on the tube. Cool! 

Did you know Jerry Springer, the US talk show is the most famous person to have come into the world on the London Underground. He was born at Highgate station in 1944.

9. Driving

There is one road in the city where you can drive on the opposite side of the road. Unlike the rest of the UK, the entrance of the Savoy Hotel ( one of the most luxurious and famous hotels in London), requires drives to drive on the right-hand side of the road instead of the left-hand side. Why? Well, I actually don’t have the answer to this, it’s hard to say. Some say it’s easier for taxi drives to drop off their passengers at the Savoy Theatre Entrance, which is on the right-hand side of the road before picking up guests at the hotel. 

10. Drugs In London 

Don’t do drugs! In the UK drugs are illegal, whether you are abusing it or handling it. But, did you know up until 1916, you could legally buy cocaine and heroin over the counter in Harrods.  Yes, guys, the luxurious store in Knightbridge… you would have never guessed!



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