Most Scary Haunted Places In Romania

 Most Scary Haunted Places In Romania

It’s time to turn off the lights and get carried away by these scary legends that took place in the amazing and bewitched Romanian places. Are you ready? Then, immerse yourself with us in this dark passage of terror, and discover the most scary haunted places in Romania.


The Hoia Forest or Triangle of the Bermuda of Transylvania, as it was named by the president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, Adrian Patrut, is one of the most mysterious places in Europe. It is located in Transylvania, in the west side of the city of Cluj-Napoca. Two square kilometres of the enchanted forest that will make your hair stand on end. Not only because of the characteristic shape of its trees that deforms in the shape of a wave at the base of the trunk, but also because of the paranormal phenomenons that took place there.

They say that, as you get into the forest, you lose the track of time and according to the testimony of local people, there are those who return with skin rashes, burns and scratches that they do not remember how they were made. Many of the Hoia Forest victims suffer anxiety attacks after venturing into it.

According to other legends, several villagers were killed years ago in the Hoia Forest and their tormented souls roam the place. This is the reason that you can hear terrifying voices and whispers that seem to be trapped forever in the forest.

One of the most famous cases that gave the fame to this nightmarish forest was the sighting of a UFO in 1968 by the distinguished biologist Alexandru Sift. Many believe that this haunted forest is the gateway to other dimensions. Dimensions for which our mind is not prepared and protects us by making us forget parts we experienced inside.

What do you think? Would you dare to take your dog for a walk in the Hoia Forest? Watch out! You may not come back to tell it.


Another classic of terror, hotels. The Hotel Cismigiu is a beautiful building on Queen Elisabeta Boulevard which was originally built in 1912 and later on, in 1990, was converted into a student residence of the Theater and Film University of Bucharest. It was then when a terrible incident occurred. One of the students died after falling through the elevator shaft. The young woman who fell, went through agony for hours until she bled to death without anyone being able to help her.

It is believed that after the tragic accident the girl’s ghost did not find peace and wanders around the building now which was converted into a four-star hotel. As they say, if you walk through the corridors of the Cismigiu Hotel you can feel a dark presence and at night it’s possible to hear terrifying screams coming from the elevator shaft, asking for help.

Are you thinking of spending a night in Bucharest? Would you dare to book a room at the Hotel Cismigiu? You won’t be able to sleep a wink!

Also! If this still did not scare you, thank make sure to check out what life is like for an expat in Romania!


This pond near the Boldu-Creteasca forest, a few kilometres from Bucharest is a meeting point for the gypsy witches that come together to perform the most amazing rituals. Usually you can find them on the ancient celebration of Saznienele, on June 24th. It is believed that any spell casted in the pond will come true.

The witches’ pond is a small area of water where the local animals do not dare to drink from and as one of the legends tells, Vlad III the Impaler was beheaded in this place by the hands of a hitman. The head was preserved in honey to be impaled and exposed as proof of his death. Therefore, many people believe that the spirit of Vlad Tepes, the bloodthirsty emperor and the real-life Dracula, wanders around the area tormenting anyone that disturbs him.

Stories say that the water of this dark swamp could cause immediate abortion. So, in the past, many women who did not want their babies came to the place to dive into the waters in order to lose their children.

Another curious fact about this pond is that it seems to have no bottom, they say that after the Vrancea earthquake that took place in 1977 in Romania, they got rid of the rubble in the Witches’ pond and these were devoured by the waters in less than a day without leaving a trace.

We cannot deny that there is some magic and mystery in this place. What would you do if you were camping in the Witches’ Pond, and a sinister hand emerged splashing uncontrollably from the depths of its waters?



This donjon is definitely one of the most secret, and one of the most scary haunted places in Romania. This ruined castle in Bontida, Transylvania, is one of the most enchanted places in Europe. It was built between the 15th and 16th century by the Banffy family, hence its name, but it was used as a Nazi military hospital during the Second World War. It is said that throughout the building you can hear the sounds of all the German soldiers who died while being treated in the hospital. Many visitors of the castle have seen shadows of badly wounded men trying to catch them. Also, Banffy Castle is full of secret passageways and underground passages which no one knows where they lead to.

Another scary story talks about a young woman who used to live in the castle and every night she sneaked off to meet the boy she liked. However, one night he was discovered by a stableman and in order to protect his secret, he seduced him and then stabbed him to death. Since then, it is said that the ghost of the brutally murdered stableman roams the stables and other places in the castle searching for revenge.

There is another legend about a servant who fell in love with a married woman and when the husband discovered the infidelity, he murdered him and cursed him to wander eternally through Banffy Castle without finding eternal rest.

All these bloodcurdling stories do not stop Romanians from enjoying one of the most famous music festivals in the country: the Electric Castle Festival. What about you? After reading all of the tales, do you think you could enjoy the show?



A few kilometres from the village of Poiana Treistii, in Cosmiele, is the so-called Precipice of the Devil, a place inhabited by terrifying ghosts that guard a cursed treasure.

According to the legend, a group of outlaws buried an amazing fortune full of precious stones there, that would make any human be rich. However, the treasure was protected by a dark spell, so that it would never be found.

Since then, those who have gone in search of it have found creepy zoomorphic creatures on the way. These beings have a human body and the head of a bull with eyes that delve in the depths of the soul.

Other stories say that whoever goes into Cosmiele looking for the cursed treasure will wander for hours without having a fixed course until they go crazy. Then your dreams will become nightmares until the end of your days.

Do you have the spirit of a gold digger? Would you dare to go after the cursed treasure to see most scary haunted places in Romania? Which is the scariest  for you? Tell us in the comment section !

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