New Year’s Resolutions: Expectation vs. Reality

 New Year’s Resolutions: Expectation vs. Reality

Most of the time, there is a gap between what we expect from our New Year’s Resolutions and what you are really going to change in your life.

So here is the truth about new year’s resolutions!

Life Strategy

Expectation: You will reach New Year’s Eve with a solid plan for the year ahead

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I know what I did wrong this year, and I have learnt what I need to do to improve. Definitely.

Reality: You have no idea what adult New Year’s resolutions should be

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Try and drink less? No, come on, let’s be serious. I should… talk to my parents more? …less? Cook better? Or eat out more? I don’t know which one I don’t do enough…


Expectation: This is the year you will finally stick to those 7 resolutions from previous years

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It’ll be easy to take up that yoga class again, while learning Italian, seeing more of my family, getting a dog, recording those songs you wrote when you were 17, and becoming at least competent at playing that ukulele your uncle gave you last year.

Reality: If you manage to stick to one resolution, you’ll be proud

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On paper, anything is possible. In practice, it’s tough to keep the motivation past January with a single resolution, never mind the rest!

Taking decisions

Expectation: Everyone will take your new decision seriously

People may even give you a pat on the back to congratulate you on deciding to eat healthier/take up the violin/play more sports. Good on you.

Reality: Your New Year’s resolutions go unnoticed or are mocked

With the best intentions in the world, no one is going to expect you to achieve your target. Amidst protests of ‘of course I will go to the gym for the entire year’, your disbelieving acquaintances will just nod in an all-knowing way. I’m afraid you’re on your own for this one.

Sticking to them

Expectation: It will become difficult to keep up your New Year’s resolutions in the first few months

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You know it’ll get tough, so you just need to start with momentum

Reality: It will become difficult within days

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Now that you’ve given up fast food, you have never craved a pizza so much in your life. Many give up in the first week. The good news is, if you do manage to keep it up at the beginning, it’ll be much easier as you go on!

Being appreciated

Expectation: Your friends will appreciate regular updates on your progress

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What else is Facebook for if not demonstrating that you managed to run 5km today?

Reality: The more you publish your success, the more annoyed your friends will gradually becomegiphy.gif (245×215)

It’s a cruel world. But in the end, it’s just a question of knowing your audience; while your acquaintances will feel you are boasting, those who are close to you will genuinely beam with pride.

Although you have a tough road ahead of you, remember this: All those who have made New Year’s Resolutions this year are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than those who have not. By making a New Year’s Resolutions in the first place, you have taken a step towards getting where you want to be! So do not be disheartened; your dreams are just a resolution away.

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Best of luck with any New Year’s Resolutions you decide to make!


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