Office Christmas Party Game Ideas

 Office Christmas Party Game Ideas

The announcement of a Christmas office party doesn’t always spark the excitement it should do. This is because sadly, some offices don’t know how to throw a party that gets people really into the Christmas mood. What’s the missing secret ingredient? The best office Christmas party games! If you think this might apply to your work, take a look at our ideas below.

We’ve split the games into 3 categories:

  • Get to know each other; because sometimes you want to make the most of this social event to bring your team closer together.
  • Work together; similar to the last one, plus some people just clearly need to work on their communication skills.
  • Silly fun; because not all Christmas parties need to revolve around the work space!

Keep reading until the end for some tips to keep people interested and excited the whole way through the party!

Get to know each other

Life Bingo (PDF included)

This one is perfect for getting to know each other. You can ask a series of both Christmas-related and general questions, which, if true for a player, they tick it off from their grid. As soon as they complete a row (diagonal, horizontal or vertical), shout bingo and win a prize!

Download our Christmas bingo PDF!

2 Truths and a Lie

The game is simple, take it in turns to reveal 3 facts about yourself – 2 truths, and 1 lie. To give it a festive spin, make them Christmas related. You want to make all 3 as wacky as possible to confuse your other players. Take some inspiration from our list of suggestions:

  • I stopped believing in Santa when I was…
  • The best/worst gift I ever received for Christmas was…
  • My favourite/least favourite Christmas food is…
  • I’ve spent Christmas in…
  • Christmas is my favourite/least favourite time of year
  • My favourite/least favourite Christmas movie is…
  • Most people like _____ about Christmas, but I hate it.
  • I’ve never eaten (insert popular Christmas food/dish) before.
  • The most last minute I’ve left my Christmas shopping is….
  • My favourite ornament on my Christmas tree is (_____), because (insert weird/crazy story here).

Would You Rather

Another great conversation-provoking game. This office Christmas party game is probably better in smaller groups as it can start some interesting conversations. The more active imagination you have for these questions the better. Check below for some Christmas themed ideas:

  • Spend Christmas in a hot or cold country?
  • Have no Christmas dinner or no presents?
  • Spend Christmas completely alone, or with your least favourite family members?
  • Would you rather get lots of useless presents or no presents at all?
  • Have tinsel for hair or baubles for hands?
  • Keep your tree up all year round, or never have one in the first place?
  • The only songs you can listen to ever again are Christmas songs, or never hear them again?
  • Spend Christmas alone but recieve all your dream presents, or spend it with your loved ones but receive no presents?
  • Ruin Christmas for a child by telling them Santa’s not real or ruin Christmas for your family by throwing away all their presents?
  • Have to spend your whole Christmas with your half-deaf Grandma or with the youngest member of your family?
  • your heating be turned on max or not at all on Christmas day?
  • Do all your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve or in the Boxing Day sales?
  • Kiss your celebrity crush under the mistletoe, or have a loved one who lives on the other side of the world come home for Christmas?
  • Drink a gallon of Eggnog in one go, or eat a whole turkey by yourself?

Work Together

Christmas Card Jigsaw

This office Christmas party game would be great as a series of challenges to play in teams. What better way to get people to work together and communicate than by solving a puzzle? This one doesn’t have to be expensive either. Just find a few leftover Christmas cards from previous years and cut them up.

Christmas Quiz (PDF included)

This usually goes down really well. There’s so much to include in this quiz – Christmas songs, carols, movies, foods, or just general facts! We’ve provided some print outs with some answer sheets and suggested questions all ready to print out. Alternatively, take some inspiration from some of our Christmas quizzes.

Download our blank Christmas Quiz Sheet

Download our Christmas Quiz Sheet (with questions and answers)


This game always leaves people laughing so much their stomach hurts. Simply write down some Christmas characters on sticky notes and get people (without them looking!) to stick them on top of their head. Get your team to communicate as each person has to ask questions to the other players to figure out who they are. Here are some characters you can include:

  • Santa
  • Mrs Claus
  • Jack Frost
  • Rudolph
  • Krampus
  • Ghost of Christmas past/present/future (A Christmas Carol)
  • Jack Skellington
  • Christmas elf
  • Zwarte Piet
  • The Grinch
  • Frosty the snowman
  • Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)
  • Belsnickel
  • Frosty the Snowman

Pictionary (PDF included)

Be careful with this one – it’s been known to create some tension! All you need for this one is a pad of paper and pens – and then let the chaos begin. The players are split into two teams. The players each take a turn, alternating between the two teams, to pick a piece of paper from a hat/bowl (but don’t tell anyone what it is). The player has to draw it as well as they can so that their team members can guess what they’re drawing – all before the time runs out (you get to choose what a fair amount of time is)!

Have a look at our print out for some ideas of festive illustrations.

Silly Fun

office christmas party game

Pin the nose on the reindeer

This one takes a little more preparation than the other games mentioned. You’ll print yourself a big picture of a reindeer. Next, cut out some circles from a piece of red card and put some blue tack on the back. Blindfold your players, spin them around 3 times, and get them to pin the nose on the reindeer! The player who gets closest to the nose wins.

Gift Exchange Game

Taking some of the pressure off Secret Santa, this office Christmas party game makes gift giving a laugh, with a competitive twist. There are several versions to this game, but the most popular is called White Elephant. You might recognise it from The Office Christmas Party episode (season 2, episode 10). No pressure to your players though, ipods are not required to play this game. In order to avoid confusing you, here’s a website that takes you clearly through the rules, which you can send to the office.

Funny Awards (PDF included)

As a light hearted end to the year, why not recognise some of your colleagues. No, we don’t mean the hardest workers, but rather those most likely to be late to work, or watching YouTube instead of working. Our only advice is to keep it light to avoid any run ins with HR. Take a look at some of our prize ideas:

  • Office clown/jokester/prankster
  • The Phantom Employee: the employee who’s always in a meeting
  • Mission Impossible Award: The award for the employee always managing to make the impossible possible
  • Coffee Bean: the employee who can’t drink enough coffee
  • Barista: the employee who makes the best tea/coffee
  • Busy Bee: the busiest employee
  • MVP: the most hardworking, valuable employee
  • Wise Owl: Award for an employee who has knows all the answers and has impossible facts hidden up their sleeve
  • Human Clock: An award for an employee who thinks that being 10 minutes early is on time, and on time is too late
  • The Organisation King/Queen: the award for the employee who keeps the cleanest desk or cubicle in the office

Take a look at our Office Awards Certificate templates!

Tinsel Limbo

A party classic – gone festive! We’re sure we don’t need to explain the rules to you, but we do have some suggestions to make the office Christmas party game even more exciting:

  • Use tinsel instead of a stick
  • Wear Santa hats or headbands to make people get a bit lower
  • Keep the music Christmassy! We suggest some Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey.

Prize ideas

office christmas party game

The best way to keep the energy up and your colleagues engaged is to make sure there are rewards and prizes guaranteed! This can ramp up the competitiveness and get people really excited about winning! Here are some prizes that you can offer:

  • Free afternoon
  • Free pizza/takeaway delivery for lunch
  • Cash prize
  • Christmas sweets
  • A bottle of cava or prosecco
  • An extended lunch break for a day


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