Best summer festivals in Europe

Best summer festivals in Europe

Summer time is festival time! Posters for summer festivals have been up for months now and we’re all ready for a bit of nice weather and free time. It’s the […]

10 times the Simpsons predicted your travels

10 times The Simpsons predicted your travels

By now I think it’s safe to say that we are all aware of one simple fact: The Simpsons are the greatest prophets of our generation. Not even Nostradamus ever […]

Best summer destinations in Europe for 2017

Best Summer Destinations in Europe for 2017

Summer is around the corner, and a passionate traveller like you is most probably already thinking about possible summer destinations. Whether you’re looking for a leisure trip or wanting to […]

Top Famous Expats: Celebrities who found success outside of their countries

Success is not always easy to achieve, and neither is fame. Many famous expats we currently know as superstars had to work hard before getting that status. Others didn’t have the luck or […]

6 songs that weren't originally in English

6 songs you didn’t know weren’t originally in English

You grew up listening to some of them. Enjoyed your youth dancing to others. You’ll remember most of them. They are all great hits and, thanks to the rise of […]

British insults - Gordon

10 Best British Insults: Modern Day and Old School

You can never appreciate the true beauty of a language until you’ve mastered and memorised its best insults – you never know when they’ll come in useful! You may think […]

odd european surnames

7 Odd European Surnames and what they mean

Surnames can tell you a lot about your family history. It can divulge incredible insights into what your ancestors did, looked like or the personality traits they had. Amongst the […]

11 Jobs Celebrities Did

11 Jobs Celebrities Did: How did Brad Pitt, Beyoncé and Kanye West pay the bills before they hit it big?

Here is a list of 11 top celebrities, and the jobs they did before they hit the big time. If you’re feeling a little down about finding a job or […]

Types of bosses as Harry Potter characters

8 Types of Bosses as Harry Potter Characters

Most bosses fall into a category – some fall into several. We´ve compiled a list of the types of bosses with their matching character from the Harry Potter films. Can […]

6 reasons why being multilingual is just better

6 Reasons Why Being Multilingual is Just Better

6 reason why speaking more than one language is a great idea.