12 Awkward moments that all language lovers will recognise

When your friends don’t understand your love of languages What do you mean you don’t care about the Oxford comma? When someone makes a grammatical mistake And you have to pretend you […]

5 November traditions in Europe that you should know about

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18 European phrases that will make your tongue twist

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Can you guess where these typical European dishes are from? Test how well you know Europe’s cuisine! Click on the pictures and see if you guessed their origin!

Stages of Job Rejection

We’ve all been rejected from a job, and there’s several stages to it Searching for a job can be tiring, but the end goal is always worth it. Job rejection […]

You know you need holidays when…

August is almost here… and some of us are still working (or at least trying). Here’s a post for those who are in urgent need of holidays. You know you need […]

Tired of tourists? Visit these 11 European villages with under a 1000 inhabitants!

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stages of job rejection

7 Unusual Museums in Europe You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

The Louvre, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums… Europe’s museums are rich with history and culture. Wherever you go there is plenty to see! But there’s more to Europe’s collection […]