Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Language

Language learning is not always easy… Through the ups and downs of being a language learner, there are certain comments that you will come across time and time again. And we don’t like it. The truth is, unless you’re learning a new language yourself, you just don’t get it! Here is a countdown of some […]Read More

6 Contradictions That All Upcoming Graduates Are Facing

Graduating this year? Don’t panic! Everyone else is experiencing the same conflicting feelings as you ?? Get ready for a whole new confusing and beautiful era of your life! Have you found yourself saying these contradictions recently?  #1 “I’m so relieved that exams are finally over… Years of study have all come down to the last couple of […]Read More

9 Signs That You Will Always Be A Traveller Deep

If you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time abroad, you will know the feeling; maybe you’ve returned home to normal life, or perhaps you’ve become an expat or a constant traveller. Either way, there are some signals that show that you are addicted and that you will always be a traveller at heart: You […]Read More

The 8 Stages That Every Language Learner Goes Through

The process of language learning can sometimes resemble the stages of grief and despair. But battle on, soldiers! The final stages will make up for everything. The Take-Off It’s all excitement; all you can see is the novelty of the language and the culture; all you can see is yourself travelling and mingling with locals […]Read More

How To Deal with Homesickness Abroad

Homesickness Abroad Is Part Of The Process With all the excitement of moving abroad and the sheer volume of organisation involved, you were never given time to prepare yourself emotionally for the journey ahead. But honestly, nothing and no one prepares you for this part; you’ve been abroad for a while, maybe weeks or even […]Read More

14 Television Moments That Were Too Real for Language Students

Life can be difficult for us language students and polyglots; maybe because we’ve just studied languages too damn hard. But sometimes, just sometimes, television series and movies just seem to really get language students. 1. When Ross’s outburst satisfied your inner grammar-nazi 2. When 30 Rock said what we’ve all been thinking all along 3. […]Read More

10 Reasons Why Working Abroad Changes You Forever

The 20-somethings of today have the good fortune of being part of a generation that travels, seeking culture and self-discovery. And although we are appreciative of this luxury, one aspect of travel is vastly underrated; that of living and working abroad. So what makes it so different and so, so much better? : 1. You […]Read More

The Easter Bunny was a Fox

(…and other bad-ass Easter origin stories) Although every country has its own eccentricities and unusual traditions, each of us has grown up accustomed to these long-held rituals. It may surprise you to learn, therefore, that some of our traditions were even more baffling in the past, or have simply grown into something quite different from what they […]Read More