Personality Test: Which TV character is your boss?

 Personality Test: Which TV character is your boss?

If you’re having a bad monday, the week is going slowly or you’re just in need of a laugh, have a go at our boss personality test!

They make us laugh, they make us cry… some are better than others. No two bosses are exactly the same… except, aren’t they?

Finding a TV show that relates to your life can be somewhat therapeutic, but also kind of freaky. If you want to find out what TV character is most similar to your boss, this personality test is for you!

Has your boss ever killed anyone?

which tv character is your boss

Does your boss hold long, boring meetings?

Has your boss ever been described as a ladies man?

Does your boss resemble a lobster?

What would an ideal snack be?

Choose a drink for your boss

Which quote would be your boss' life motto?

How miserable would you say your boss is?

How much does your boss care for their employees?

Which TV character is your boss?
Tony Soprano

This is the kind of boss you need to tiptoe around as they have a considerably bad temper. To them, it’s all about loyalty and if you don’t obey them, they’ll find a very good way to punish you!
Michael Scott

This boss is pretty annoying to have to work with, but you can appreciate they’re just a lovable idiot. You hate to love their pointless meetings and the fact that they aren’t really qualified for the job.
Don Draper

Your boss is super successful and quite the womaniser. Although, he does seem to be a bit stuck in the past!
Mr Krabs

Money obsessed, this boss doesn’t care how much you’re getting paid as long as he doesn’t lose a penny!
Lesley Knope

Lucky you! Your boss is the equivalent of a ray of sunshine. Getting up on a Monday morning can’t be so hard.

How accurate was this personality test? Let us know in the comments below!

Here are some facts about bosses that might help your working life make a little more sense:

If this quiz has inspired you to get a new job, let us help you with the job search process!

boss personality quiz


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