10 Popular European Christmas Songs

 10 Popular European Christmas Songs

In this blog, we have kindly cherrypicked 10 popular European Christmas songs for you.

Why? Because we all love a good singsong at Christmas; it is perhaps the one time of year when your terrible breath control and tone-deaf screeching can be forgiven, as it is the gusto with which you can belt out a carol that really counts!

The selection that follows is certainly a rather eclectic collection of Christmassy curiosities, but, if you have watched as many Eurovision song contests as we have, you probably won’t even bat an eye. 

So, without any further ado, in alphabetical order of country, let’s take a look at 10 popular European Christmas songs that will undoubtedly jingle your bells whether you like it or not…


1. Estonia

Let’s kick off our popular European Christmas songs with this upbeat modern tune from Estonia! The title translates to “This Night Has a Feeling”, but don’t fret, it is far from some kind of Black Eyed Peas club anthem. Sel ööl on tunne is a gentle pop song with adorable love story in the music video. What’s not to like?


2. Germany 

In stark contrast to that Estonian effervescence, we have the all time classic Silent Night. We simply had to include it! Not least because the song is so popular that it has been translated into a round 140 languages so all Europeans can enjoy! 

There is no doubt that you will have heard this carol at least 100 times in your life, but, with a melody so sweet and beautiful, this is to be expected! 


3. Italy 

This 18th-century Italian carol translates to “From Starry Skies Thou Comes” and tells of the love the world felt for the newborn baby Jesus. It is so popular that it is usually the first Christmas song Italian children learn. Has that piqued your interest? Well, who better to sing it for you than the King of the High C’s himself?!


4. The Netherlands 

This jazzy number from the Netherlands will have you thinking “Michael Bublé who?!” And bonus, there are of two them – Nick and Simon! Let these handsome chaps get you in the Christmas spirit you with their catchy song Happy Christmas.


5. Norway

In a similar vain, with the smart suit and cozy stage setting, we present to you Norway’s popular Christmas song. It is possibly even catchier than the previous tune (sorry Nick and Simon) and comes with dancing elves. If the North Pole is anything like this, we’ll get packing our bags! 


6. Poland

This next Christmas song means “God is Born” and is often referred to as the Queen of Christmas carols. As you will see, it is a majestic piece that inspires a strong sense of Polish patriotism. In fact, it was even considered as an option for the national anthem in the 19th century! 


7. Spain

Spain loves a good carol, or as they are called in Spanish, villancicos. The majority of Spanish Christmas songs are quaint, simple, and amusing, as they are intended to be sung by children. Here we have the adorable little song “The Fish in the River”. It since been covered by various known Spanish stars. 


8. Sweden

Now, the lyric video below might look a bit boring, but just you give this popular Christmas song a chance! The title means “Light a Candle” and, with this almost gospel-style Swedish hit, we guarantee that you will be nodding your head along to every “dom”. 


9. Ukraine 

Here’s a cool Christmas song! Ever heard Ukrainian traditional music? Didn’t think so – sadly, it’s on the out. So check out this group keeping the traditional alive and striving to popularise it again through Their authentic Christmas music. The song is called “From Kiev to Jerusalem”.


10. United Kingdom 

The UK has some great “bangers” (as a true Brit would say) in terms of Christmas hits, and we could have gone with the extremely popular songs from Slade or Band Aid. Instead, we have picked “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues as the strings of insults they sing at each other don’t half make us chuckle! As someone quite rightly remarks in the comments section of the video, you can sing this popular Christmas song perfectly no matter how drunk you are on eggnog…


So there are our 10 popular European Christmas songs for you to dance around your Christmas trees to!

Let us know which is your favourite in the comments section below or recommend us one of your own choices that we have mentioned.



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