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Geography Quiz: European Capital Cities

The hardest European Capital Cities quiz you’ll ever take! Some of the most obvious capital cities come to mind when thinking about Europe; Paris, London, Madrid… but do you think you know all the European capital cities? We’ve got another geography quiz that will make you think twice! Choose the right city for each country […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Famous European Landmarks

Everyone loves a geography quiz… and this time it’s about European Landmarks! This quiz on famous European landmarks should be tricky even for the geography buffs! Europe has its fair share of impressive landmarks, including its many well known castles and palaces. In fact, Neuschwanstein in Germany was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle […]Read More

Europe Language Cafe – language and travel enthusiasts

Language Lovers and Travelers Blog | Europe Language Café Welcome language lovers and travelers! This is the blog where you will find all the information you need to entertain your imagination. Read great content written by other language lovers and travel enthusiasts. Things you can buy in Europe for Five Euros Europe Language Café Things […]Read More

10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals

A joint blog brought to you by Arabella and Erika. As a continuation of our series of utilizing stereotypes to categorize European countries – that kicked off with the classification of European countries as zodiac signs – here is our latest blog on “10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals.” This content is meant to […]Read More

Things you should know before travelling to Romania

Is Romania on your bucket list of places to travel to? Good! Because it should be on everyone’s list since this country has so many great features starting with nature and finishing with culture and history. Are you convinced yet? Let us help you out by telling what things you should know before travelling to […]Read More