10 times The Simpsons predicted your travels

 10 times The Simpsons predicted your travels

By now I think it’s safe to say that we are all aware of one simple fact: The Simpsons are the greatest prophets of our generation. Not even Nostradamus ever made as many accurate predictions as they’ve done so far. From NSA Spying Scandal to Donald Trump’s Presidency, going through Ebola outbreak, this funny yellow family lived it all before we actually did. This family also travels a lot…

Have you ever had a sensation of déjà-vu during your travels? That was probably because you’d seen the situations before on everyone’s favourite cartoon series.

If you’re passionate about travelling, you have probably gone through all of these situations, but keep in mind The Simpsons did it first. Here are 10 examples of when the Simpsons predicted your travel experiences:


When you and your friends can’t agree on a destination

The Simpson family travels a lot


When you’re late to the airport and almost miss the flight

Your travels start at the airport


When you regret not paying attention to air-hostess instructions

problems while flying when Homer travels


When you feel like everything is possible in your new destination

Opportunities in Europe with travels


When the currency of your destination country is lower than yours…

Change of currency on your travels


…but the weather isn’t as nice as you thought it would be

Travels: Weather in a foreign country


When you don’t understand the language at all

Language understanding on travels


When you go to the supermarket in a new country and you can’t understand what things are

Confusion while shopping on your travels


When you first try the local food in a new country

Trying typical food on your travels


When your travels end and you can’t deal with the fact that it’s time to go home

Post-travels depression


You can identify, right? Told you. They predicted everything. And if you haven’t come across some of these situations on your travels then it’s yet to come! The Simpsons are never wrong, so now you know what to expect from your next trip.

However, our advice is to never stop travelling, discovering and taking chances. You’ll always learn from these situations… and maybe someday you’ll be the one to predict next Simpsons’ trip!

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