So You Think You Know Europe? Here Are 7 Ridiculous Facts About Europe that will Surprise You.

 So You Think You Know Europe?  Here Are 7 Ridiculous Facts About Europe that will Surprise You.

Europe is an ancient, wacky continent, and it is possible to discover a fresh insanity every day.

Here are some that will make you go:

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Believe it Nicki. (


  1. All members of the Swedish monarchy must, by tradition, be blond. In extreme cases, they have been known to dye their hair if not.
Princess Madeleine of Sweden ridiculous facts about Europe
Is Princess Madeleine of Sweden a natural blonde? We’ll never know.

2. Polish parents give a shot of vodka to their children on their 11th birthday to mark the journey towards adulthood.

3. When the ‘selfie’ first became popular, the word was banned from official social media channels in Italy due to Berlusconi’s distaste for Anglicisms entering the language

Berlusconi ridiculous facts in Europe
‘Pesky anglophones.’

4. It is bad luck in Germany to end the night without a single beer glass being smashed. Some superstitious bar tenders will smash a glass themselves in the event of a quiet night.

Ridiculous facts about Europe and Germans
Bad luck for German beer mugs!

5. Landlords in Switzerland are likely to throw you out if you flush your toilet or have a bath too late at night. While not completely illegal, it is considered very inconsiderate.

So long, late-night tea drinkers

6. If you arrive late to a party in Scotland, your punishment is to recite a Robert Burns poem; every mistake you make means another swig of drink for you!

7. In 1857, a drunken attempt at indoor tennis by the royal court in Brussels resulted in the first recorded example of table tennis, more or less by accident!

How surprising were these facts to you?

They should have been very surprising, because this whole article is, in fact, a load of lies and an enormous waste of everyone’s time.

Are you laughing because you believed these facts were true?! Well then: Happy April Fool’s Day! ? ?

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BUT: One of the above facts is genuinely true. Can you spot which one?

Share this article with your friends and see how many people you can fool! Enjoy 😀




  • I should’ve guessed that these were fake.

    Now here’s a real fact:

    In Russia when you bring a bunch of roses to give someone, it has to be an odd number because an even number of roses is for funerals.

    • Thanks for sharing Lee! Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction 😛

    • Yes, it is true)))) If you give an even number of flowers (all kind of flowers, not only roses) to a Russian girl, you will reeeally offend her feelings and she will never (or hardly) forgive you.

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