Everything You Need To Know About Social Distancing

 Everything You Need To Know About Social Distancing

You’re probably thinking, “It’s in the name, just distance yourself from people. Duh”. Well, you’re right, but there is a lot more to social distancing than you think. So, read, learn and tell me what you think in the comments, I guess! 

Yes, another coronavirus blog related but, this is reality and we need to act upon this situation fast, and that’s where being knowledgeable about social distancing can help you, can help loved ones and can help lives. 

What is social distancing? 

Everyone should be practicing social distancing right now. Even those of you who are not showing any symptoms to this horrible virus, you too should be staying at home! 

Social distancing means not going to festivals, not attending any gatherings, and not even having a beer at your local pub. It’s important to avoid anywhere with big groups of people. By doing this, you are preventing the spread of the virus to yourself and more importantly, to your loved ones. 

So let’s get this motion into action, and stop being selfish!

Can I go shopping? 

Of course! Don’t be so silly. Being on ‘lockdown’ doesn’t mean that you cannot do your regular food shop. However, be mindful that everyone is in the same position as you, so only buy what you need and not dozens of TOILET ROLL, because you do not need it! 

You may be thinking… “What about clothes shopping? Can I still go to Zara?” Don’t worry, I was thinking the exact same thing. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have access to online shopping and delivery, there is no need to physically leave our house to go shopping, so stay at home and stay safe.

Can I meet up with my friends?

Unfortunately not. Of course, this can be pretty upsetting as you may have had exciting plans with your best friends in the upcoming weeks. But think about it – 3 weeks isn’t that bad, and you can use it as a time to self-reflect, start a new hobby, watch every single movie on Netflix and even catch up on all that sleep you’ve been missing.

I know it’s not the same but at the end of the day, you can still FaceTime with your friends. Just take advantage of this downtime and before you know it you’ll be back in your favourite bar or restaurant, with your best friends, drinking your favourite glass of wine!

Should I go to work? 

If you can, it’s best to work from home. A lot of businesses around the world have taken mandatory action, and told their employees to stay at home for the safety of the public. Unfortunately, working from home isn’t an option for everyone, but there are ways to stay safe even when you are working in public. Remember to wear a mask, gloves, stay sanitised and keep a distance.

The term ‘social distancing’ sounds pretty lonely, right? As you can imagine, staying at home 7 days a week can be a tough challenge but this doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate with other people regularly. Try to stay in touch with your work team and have regular meetings via Skype or Facetime. Not only is this a good way of keeping everyone updated about work but it can massively boost the mental health of your whole team.

Can I go to the gym?

You just found the excuse you have been searching for all year, the gym is actually closed! For those of you who want to stay active and keep exercising, there are lots of ways to keep fit from the comfort of your own home. Try online gym classes, youtube tutorials, workout challenges – there are lots of ways to keep exercising, even when your gym is closed. What’s more – you don’t have to spend money on your gym membership. Who knows, after this lockdown, maybe you will even consider running a marathon!

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Can I travel? 

I knew this question would come up! No No No, by all means, do not travel. Companies such as Emirates, Virgin Holidays and other companies are cancelling their flights due to the coronavirus outbreak. Not to mention, countries like Italy, Spain, Cyprus and many more have closed their borders to prevent the virus from spreading further. Stay at home and check some of our ideas of how to travel without leaving the house here.

You’ve been warned!

Trump saying no and encouraging social distancing

How long will this social distancing last? 

This is the question on everyone’s lips, but unfortunately, we are unsure. It has been predicted that this could take up to several months. However, this doesn’t mean that after so many months, the virus will just vanish. We still need to be careful and cautious. 

Research by the Imperial College in Great Britain suggested that we may “have to institute these kinds of measures for five months, very vigorously,” says Gounder, the infectious disease specialist.

“And then you may be able to relax for a period. And then you would re-institute as the cases go up again. But we’re basically looking at doing this over and over and over again, even after a five-month period of strict social distancing, in order to curb cases until we have a vaccine.”

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