4 Comedies That Portray British Life Perfectly

Whilst many British stereotypes involve the Queen, a lot of tea, and red telephone boxes, the reality couldn’t be much further from this. Although a small group of countries, each region has their own quirks and cultural differences. The following are 4 TV shows that perfectly portray British life in each different country. Gavin & […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 2: Film, Fashion

If you haven’t already done part 1 of the quiz of Europe 2019, make sure you do that first! If you have, welcome to part 2! A lot has happened in the European world of film, fashion, and music in 2019. Can you remember all of it? We can explain some of the answers for […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 1: Current Affairs

Now 2019 is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on all that has happened this past year. Once you’ve finished, complete part 2 of the quiz here. Need some more info on these questions? Look no further: Following a decision made by the Constitutional Court on 4 December 2017, same sex marriage became […]Read More

Non-scary Halloween Movies

Spooky season can be hard for those who are easily frightened. Everyone wants to watch horror movies and get in the mood for Halloween. Luckily for the more fearful there are plenty of non-scary Halloween movies to get you in the mood! We’ve created a scary-meter to help guide you on how much creepy you […]Read More

The Hardest Halloween Movie Quiz Ever

Have you done a Halloween movie marathon this year yet? There’s plenty to choose from, whether you like the horror genre or prefer something a little lighter. But how well have you concentrated whilst watching them? Test your knowledge of some of the most famous Halloween movies of all time in this Halloween movie quiz. […]Read More

European Conspiracy Theories

With so many conspiracy theories based in America, we wanted to take a look at those that originate from Europe. Some of these European conspiracy theories have been developing for centuries, other only the past few decades. But they all share one common factor; none of them have been solved… Hitler in SA There has […]Read More

Personality Test: Which TV character is your boss?

If you’re having a bad monday, the week is going slowly or you’re just in need of a laugh, have a go at our boss personality test! They make us laugh, they make us cry… some are better than others. No two bosses are exactly the same… except, aren’t they? Finding a TV show that […]Read More

Top 5 famous people with Polish origins

Welcome back to Europe Language Cafe! Today in our blog we will talk about people who changed our world. They achieved great success in music, cinema, business, science and they all have something in common. We are going to present you 5 famous people with Polish origins.  Frédéric François Chopin  When was the last time you […]Read More