autumn bucket list

Autumn Bucket List: European Travel

Since autumn is in full swing, now’s the time to check some things off your bucket list The leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved and it’s time to snuggle […]

Non-scary Halloween Movies

Spooky season can be hard for those who are easily frightened. Everyone wants to watch horror movies and get in the mood for Halloween. Luckily for the more fearful there […]

Best Halloween destinations in Europe

Forget summer getaways, Halloween destinations should be on your mind now. Halloween is almost here and as the second most commercial holiday, it should be taken as an opportunity to […]

does you europe celebrate halloween

How do these 14 European countries celebrate Halloween?

The commercial Halloween festivity that is well-known in the US is being slowly adopted by most most European countries that celebrate Halloween. Despite this, Halloween parties and costumes are most […]