reasons people fail interviews

10 Reasons Why People Fail Job Interviews

Everyone fails job interviews, but sometimes, its over silly mistakes. Recruiters meet candidates every day. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes, inevitably, they don’t make the grade. But why do people […]

challenges of multilingual recruitment

10 challenges you’ll recognise if you work in multilingual recruitment

Working in multilingual recruitment is being a multi-talented person; you are a marketeer, sales rep, IT professional and an accountant. Besides that, you have a good knowledge of people, you are an […]

17 Obstacles You Tackle When Searching For Your First Job

17 Obstacles You Tackle When Searching For Your First Job

Are you looking to enter the professional market this year? Young job seekers will recognise these 17 frustrations!

5 examples of Europe’s best Carnivals

If you are a carnival lover: You really should have seen these carnivals across Europe. Those are the craziest and, most impressive examples of Europe’s best Carnivals, which we found […]

Stages of Job Rejection

We’ve all been rejected from a job, and there’s several stages to it Searching for a job can be tiring, but the end goal is always worth it. Job rejection […]