15 inspirational language quotes

To have another language is to possess a second soul: 15 inspirational language quotes

An inspirational quote from the past can sometimes be enough to spark an initial interest, or even lifestyle change, in someone. Equally inspirational language quotes could be just what you […]

Spanish stereotypes

Spanish stereotypes: fiestas and siestas

As with every culture, there are all kinds of Spanish stereotypes floating around the people of Spain and their traditions. You may well have heard of most of these Spanish […]

6 reasons why being multilingual is just better

6 Reasons Why Being Multilingual is Just Better

6 reason why speaking more than one language is a great idea.


Top 7 TED Talks All Language Learners Should Watch

Language learners need inspiration too! Learn faster and get motivated by these videos.

European Languages: A Fact File

European Languages: A Fact File (infographic)

Did you know that there are as many as 225 languages native to Europe? Take a look at our European languages infographic!

13 Inspirational Quotes That Are Perfect For Language Learners And Polyglots

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9 Signs That You Will Always Be A Traveller Deep Down

If you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time abroad, you will know the feeling; maybe you’ve returned home to normal life, or perhaps you’ve become an expat or a […]

6 Foreign Language Novels that will Help You Grow as a Person

6 Foreign Language Novels that will Help You Grow as a Person

One of the many joys of speaking a second language is being able to enjoy literature in its original language. Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to a man […]

The 8 Stages That Every Language Learne

The 8 Stages That Every Language Learner Goes Through

The process of language learning can sometimes resemble the stages of grief and despair. But battle on, soldiers! The final stages will make up for everything. The Take-Off It’s all […]

14 Television Moments That Were Too Real for Language Students

Life can be difficult for us language students and polyglots; maybe because we’ve just studied languages too damn hard. But sometimes, just sometimes, television series and movies just seem to […]