Common Dutch Stereotypes

As with every culture, there are all kinds of stereotypes floating around about the Dutch and about our traditions. You may well have heard of most of these Dutch stereotypes, but it’s always fun to go through them and maybe debunk a few. What comes to your mind when you think of Dutch people? Exactly. Stereotypes. […]Read More

Most Popular Dutch Slang Words

Dutch is a very difficult language to learn, especially because of all the difficult slang words that locals are using. Europe Language Café created you a guide of most popular Dutch slang words so whenever you go to The Netherlands you can sound like the locals do! 1. Doe even normaal Translation: Just do normal […]Read More

Why Choose to Study in the Netherlands?

  One of the biggest decisions in life you will ever make? Other than getting married of course, would be choosing where to study. Studying in Holland in particular has become increasingly popular for students across Europe… but if you need more convincing we’ve compiled a list of reasons on why you should study in […]Read More