The 8 Stages That Every Language Learner Goes Through

The process of language learning can sometimes resemble the stages of grief and despair. But battle on, soldiers! The final stages will make up for everything. The Take-Off It’s all excitement; all you can see is the novelty of the language and the culture; all you can see is yourself travelling and mingling with locals […]Read More

How To Deal with Homesickness Abroad

Homesickness Abroad Is Part Of The Process With all the excitement of moving abroad and the sheer volume of organisation involved, you were never given time to prepare yourself emotionally for the journey ahead. But honestly, nothing and no one prepares you for this part; you’ve been abroad for a while, maybe weeks or even […]Read More

10 ways that studying languages ruins your life

‘Study a language’ they said, ‘it’ll be fun’ they said… The ‘mental block’ becomes your daily torture (in native and learned languages alike) Brain: Knows more than one language –> refuses to find the correct word for the language you are speaking in. You have to decide between sounding pretentious or pronouncing it wrong when you […]Read More

You know you need holidays when…

August is almost here… and some of us are still working (or at least trying). Here’s a post for those who are in urgent need of holidays. You know you need holidays when… You stopped hearing your alarm clock a month ago, or started stopping it and then sobbed uncontrollably ’cause it’s way too late. When you manage to […]Read More

12 Stages of Looking for a Job

Looking for a job can be a stressful process, but Europe Language Jobs are here to provide some light entertainment on your way! What’s better than having a little giggle at yourself? Remember! You’ll be at no.12 in no time! You’ve starting looking for a job and you imagine your dream job Until you realize you don’t […]Read More