Can you spot the fake English word?

The English language can be interesting to learn… some of the words appear far too similar, and others completely made up. This isn’t always so far from the truth, as writers from Shakespeare to Roald Dahl have contributed their fair share of words to the English dictionary. This can add some confusion to the language […]Read More

Quiz: Where To Live In Europe

Have you ever thought of living in Europe but were unsure of where to live in Europe? Have you ever fancied a change of scenery? Choosing the right place can be a difficult to decision. Well, think no more! Europe Language Café came up with a personality test for you to choose options that match […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 2: Film, Fashion

If you haven’t already done part 1 of the quiz of Europe 2019, make sure you do that first! If you have, welcome to part 2! A lot has happened in the European world of film, fashion, and music in 2019. Can you remember all of it? We can explain some of the answers for […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 1: Current Affairs

Now 2019 is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on all that has happened this past year. Once you’ve finished, complete part 2 of the quiz here. Need some more info on these questions? Look no further: Following a decision made by the Constitutional Court on 4 December 2017, same sex marriage became […]Read More

Quiz: Celebrating Christmas in Europe

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are all very familiar with our own traditions and ways of celebrating that we forget that other countries do Christmas differently. It’s time to discover whether you know how different European countries celebrate Christmas…Read More

The ULTIMATE Christmas Geography Quiz

You’ve tried our other Geography quizzes… but now it’s time to try the ULTIMATE Christmas geography quiz. With just 10 questions we’ll be able to see how you really feel about 2 very important topics; Christmas and Geography. Get ready to take one of the most important quizzes of your life…. Looking for some explanations […]Read More

Christmas Carol Quiz

‘Tis the season to be jolly… so that means lots of carols and laughter. Most have a favourite Christmas carol that gets them in a festive mood every year, some couldn’t be less interested in the singing tradition. We’ll guess your thoughts on carols by how well you do on this Christmas carol quiz, be […]Read More

Personality Test: Where Should You Spend Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶 The idea of a perfect Christmas is different for everyone… whether you love snow or hate it, prefer eggnog or hot chocolate, or love Christmas songs or hate them! Maybe you’re looking to see one of the most beautiful Christmas markets, or you fancy spending Christmas […]Read More

Geography Quiz: European Airports

This geography test is all about testing your knowledge of European airports. With over 40.000 airports in the world, it would be impossible to know them all. However, there are some that are more memorable than others thanks to their name. A special few are named after famous people. But how many of these will […]Read More

Geography Quiz: 2nd Largest Cities

Ok, so you’ve done a European capitals quiz and you aced it. But how well do you know the 2nd largest cities in European countries? We promise this is our hardest geography quiz yet and we unsure even the biggest geography buffs out there will even be able to get full marks. Not so easy […]Read More