17 Weird & Interesting Facts About Romania

When we think of Romania, a lot of things come to our mind straight away: enchanted castles, vampires, magical forests… But you have probably never heard of these amazing weird facts about Romania: 1. IT HAS THE TALLEST WOODEN CHURCH IN EUROPE All churches in Romania are noteworthy. In a small town in the north […]Read More

Things you should know before travelling to Romania

Is Romania on your bucket list of places to travel to? Good! Because it should be on everyone’s list since this country has so many great features starting with nature and finishing with culture and history. Are you convinced yet? Let us help you out by telling what things you should know before travelling to […]Read More

5 Tips for visiting Dracula’s Bran Castle

Chasing Dracula at Bran Castle We all know that the myth of Dracula and Bran Castle is associated with Transylvania and Romania. This is because Bram Stoker’s novel is indeed based on real people and places that make the story even more captivating. It is widely believed that the person who triggered Stoker’s imagination is […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Romania

As the 12th biggest country in Europe, Romania has a lot to offer in terms of geography – both physical and human. Test your knowledge of the country in our Romanian geography quiz! Keep scrolling for some explanations of the answers. The answers explained: In terms of area, Romania is 238,391km², Poland 312,685k², whereas Iceland […]Read More

Most Scary Haunted Places In Romania

It’s time to turn off the lights and get carried away by these scary legends that took place in the amazing and bewitched Romanian places. Are you ready? Then, immerse yourself with us in this dark passage of terror, and discover the most scary haunted places in Romania. HOIA FOREST The Hoia Forest or Triangle […]Read More

Romanian Stereotypes: True or False

Every country has a stereotype, including Romania, so today we will tell you all about Romanian stereotypes! So far Europe Language Café has talked about German, Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Polish stereotypes. Let’s find out which of these stereotypes are true and which ones are false. Romanians are gypsies This is false! In fact, […]Read More