How Much Do You Know About The Battle of the

Have you ever heard about the Battle of the Oranges? Does the name sound familiar to you? How about a quiz to test your knowledge or to find out what this mysterious ____ is all about? The Battle of the Oranges is a yearly carnival that takes place in Ivrea, Italy usually in February. Not […]Read More

Who Makes The Best Hot Chocolate in Europe?

During winter time (and especially Christmas) Europe has much to offer in terms of seasonal sweets and cakes. This doesn’t stop short of hot cocoa. The recipe does vary however from country to country. Naturally this begs the question, who makes the best hot chocolate in Europe? We’ll be looking at 5 different countries’ recipes, […]Read More

December European Traditions (that don’t involve Christmas)

In December, it’s hard to see anything but Christmas lights, trees and presents. However, there are lots of December European traditions that don’t involve the Christian holiday. We’ve picked out some of our favourites, which we think deserve a bigger spotlight at this time of year. Mari Lwyd, Wales A folk custom native to south Wales, […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Famous European Landmarks

Everyone loves a geography quiz… and this time it’s about European Landmarks! This quiz on famous European landmarks should be tricky even for the geography buffs! Europe has its fair share of impressive landmarks, including its many well known castles and palaces. In fact, Neuschwanstein in Germany was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle […]Read More

Quiz: Facts About Europe – How many will you get

There’s a lot of facts about Europe that will surprise you! Europe may not be the biggest continent on planet Earth, however it does have a long history and many different cultures. With over 700 million people and 50 countries, there’s bound to be some weird and wild people things there! All this contributes to […]Read More

The Best Destinations for Food Vacations

Europe has some of the best destinations for food vacations. With many of the worlds best restaurants and food traditions that date back hundreds of years, Europe will always be a treat for foodies. We have narrowed the best destinations down to just 8 to help you plan your next food vacations! We’ve mixed up […]Read More

Quiz – European Breakfast

WARNING! Do not do this European breakfast quiz if you are hungry!! Consider yourself a foodie? Let’s see how you do on this breakfast quiz! We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but it’s not all cereal and pancakes everywhere. From pastries to sausage, see if you can get […]Read More

Quiz: Traditional European Food

Food! Everyone loves it! That is why Europe Language Café in this weeks blog is going to be everything food, food and more food. We created a new quiz for you to try out your knowledge on how well you know traditional European food. Are you ready? Then let’s get started! Was there one specific […]Read More

Traditional Festivals In Spain

Traditional Festivals In Spain In this weeks blog, we will explore the traditional festivals in Spain. Steeped in tradition and history, locals and tourists alike flock to its towns and cities to celebrate these spectacular and even plain weird spanish festivals every year. You’ve probably heard that the Spanish love a fiesta, but with all […]Read More