European Celebrations: 7 celebrations you never knew existed

What does the word “celebration” mean to you? Flying tomatoes? Golden retrievers? Leaping over babies..? Not all European celebrations are balloons and fireworks. There are a whole lot of festivities and celebrations in Europe which would probably baffle you. How about a fruit fight in Italy; oranges or tomatoes – choose your weapon? Sound fun? Check out […]Read More

7 Odd European Surnames and what they mean

Surnames can tell you a lot about your family history. It can divulge incredible insights into what your ancestors did, looked like or the personality traits they had. Amongst the most interesting of them are the odd European surnames. You surname can tell you whether your ancestors were butchers, short, or just a person who […]Read More

5 examples of Europe’s best Carnivals

If you are a carnival lover: You really should have seen these carnivals across Europe. Those are the craziest and, most impressive examples of Europe’s best Carnivals, which we found for you. The Tenerife Carnival in the Canary Islands is the most well-known and important Carnival celebration in Europe, and the second in the entire […]Read More

How do these 14 European countries celebrate Halloween?

The commercial Halloween festivity that is well-known in the US is being slowly adopted by most most European countries that celebrate Halloween. Despite this, Halloween parties and costumes are most common amongst younger generations of Europeans whilst older generations still follow their own national traditions. It is worth mentioning that most of the traditionally catholic […]Read More

The Origin of World Book Day

As you may already know, the 23rd of April is World Book Day. But it is also Saint George’s day, patron saint of England and Catalonia. Saint George’s day is the most romantic day in Barcelona. “Sant Jordi” (Catalan for Saint George) is the Catalan equivalent to Saint Valentine’s day. The fact that the 23rd […]Read More

Europe’s Most Disgusting Food

European cuisine is known for its deliciousness. Whether it be pasta from Italy or the delicacies of French cuisine – but have you ever wondered what Europe’s most disgusting food is? Here’s a list with 9 of the worst ever. We have kindly selected the best recipes for each one, just click on the photos […]Read More

10 Weirdest European Laws

Do you know what country banned scrabble? Or where you should avoid flushing the toilet after 10pm? Have a look at this list of the 10 weirdest European laws!* Czech Republic: Taxi Rides After Nuclear Explosion Czech taxi’s have three rates: the average level 1, level 2 which is usually used for tourists and level 3 which […]Read More

10 Top European cities to visit for Valentine’s day

Whether it be Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or some well needed ‘alone time’ a weekend away is always deserved. Going away with your favourite person is always good fun, but to make it extra special requires an extra special destination. Here are the 10 most romantic cities in Europe! 1. Paris: Of course, no list […]Read More