10 Reasons Why Working Abroad Changes You Forever

The 20-somethings of today have the good fortune of being part of a generation that travels, seeking culture and self-discovery. And although we are appreciative of this luxury, one aspect of travel is vastly underrated; that of living and working abroad. So what makes it so different and so, so much better? : 1. You […]Read More

6 Things you can do to keep the season bright

The days are getting shorter, office staff is thinning out as people start taking holidays, and perhaps you are starting to detect the impatience of your co-workers to have more time off as Christmas and the New Year approach. Well then, to finish off the year, why not try these thoughtful gestures to stave off the […]Read More

You know you need holidays when…

August is almost here… and some of us are still working (or at least trying). Here’s a post for those who are in urgent need of holidays. You know you need holidays when… You stopped hearing your alarm clock a month ago, or started stopping it and then sobbed uncontrollably ’cause it’s way too late. When you manage to […]Read More