The Cost of Living In Barcelona

 The Cost of Living In Barcelona

So you’ve decided to move to Barcelona? Or your planning to? Depending on where you’re from, the cost of living in Barcelona can be more or less expensive than what you’re used to. 

In this blog, there will be a breakdown of the average costs of the day to day things that you will need to spend on in Barcelona. 


The public transport in Barcelona is amazing! It’s easy and reliable as well. If you’re moving to Barcelona, you’ll be using public transport, a lot! But, you’re in luck, prices for public transport are amazing. You have a choice of several different cards that best suits your needs. From the ‘T Jove’ card (105€) which offers those under the age of 25 unlimited travel for 90 days to the ‘T-10 ‘card (10€) which gives you 10 rides over an unlimited period of time. Click here for more detail. 



Barcelona is known for its inexpensive supermarkets: Lidl and Mercadona and plenty of markets and shops selling fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re that kind of person who loves a homemade meal and spends an average amount, you will not pay more than €30 – €40 a week. However, this can be less or more depending on whether you want to buy more expensive products and if you’re shopping in more expensive supermarkets such as Veritas. 


Housing is always difficult when you’re living abroad but in Barcelona, there are many housing options for people who are either working or studying. Most of the options involve sharing a living space with up to 11 people. Some flats will have 2-4 bedrooms, whilst others can have up to 11 rooms. The average price to live in an average-sized flat range from 300€ – 700€ per month depending on where you are located. Prices will drop the further you move from the city centre. Click here to find trusted and cheap accommodation in Barcelona! 


If you’re a student and looking for private insurance or who would like additional private insurance alongside their main insurance, you’re roughly looking up to 40€ per month. Click here for more information. 


Barcelona is an amazing city for great activities to offer, even some are FREE! From outdoor cinemas in summer, yoga classes on the beach to flea markets. It’s impossible to be bored in this city. 

If you’re a foodie and enjoy eating out, an average lunch menu will cost you 15€, whilst dinner can cost you up to 40€ per person. Drinking alcohol is inexpensive with a regular glass of wine costing up to 4€ while a cocktail is up to 10€. Coffee/tea costs around 2€ in a regular cafe. A cinema ticket costs 10€ or less. The average price of a basic gym membership is 30€ a month.

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