The Creepiest Careers

 The Creepiest Careers

This Halloween be glad other people have these creepiest careers so you don’t have to. We’ve picked the most spooky, scary and downright gruesome jobs out there.


Communication tower climber

You’d have to think someone is crazy to climb communication towers and spend several hours up there right next to live electricity? Well, when repairs are needed, someone has to do it. These workers have to overcome any fear of heights they have, fast, as well as being physically fit enough to do the job every day. Dangers don’t just come from falling off or being electrocuted, it also comes from falling objects or tools. It’s not a position for the faint hearted.

Smoke jumper

Ever seen a wildfire and wonder how the fire engines get through it all? Well, sometimes they can’t. This calls for smokejumpers, a special type of firefighter that parachutes right into the middle of a wildfire. Aside from the obvious fire risk, other risks include parachuting problems, helicopter crashes, falling trees and dangerous wildlife. To add to the pressure, some smoke jumpers even have to make their own parachute. This career has become more and more needed as wildfires become more common across the world. This has got to be one of the bravest jobs on this list of the creepiest careers. 

creepiest careers

Bomb squad

I’m sure this one doesn’t need much explaining – being a bomb disposal expert comes with a pretty high risk of death. Unlike in movies, bomb disposal experts don’t wear protective suits as often as you might expect, since they’re heavy and sometimes the bomb is so big they would be useless anyway. Luckily, this field of work is becoming less dangerous with the use of bomb disposal robots, which are able to be operated from a safe distance away from the explosives.


This dangerous occupation has been traced back as far as the Ancient Egyption times. For the thousands of years it’s been around, it has always posed numerous health risks. Including explosions, mines collapsing and poor air quality that can result in respiratory issues and even cancer. In more recent years, significant strives have been made to make this job safer, however as seen in the news over the last decades, it still poses significant risk compared to other jobs in the modern world. 



For most people, any job that involves looking after corpses sounds creepy. Therefore this is a must in our list of the creepiest careers. Morticians have to embalm the bodies and get them ready for funerals. If you think being around a lifeless body is bad enough, imagine this: you’re moving a body onto a table and it’s arm jerks as it lets out a small moan. Nope, this bodies not still alive, it’s just some things that can still happen after someone dies. However, it’s also not unheard of that very occasionally people will be taken to the morgue but somehow come back to life. These two scenarios alone are enough to assure most people that it’s not something they will ever want to do.

creepiest careers

Police diver

Diving as career sound fun? What about when it involves searching dark, cold, often contaminated waters for dead bodies and murder weapons? Not so exciting right? Plus, these divers often have to come face to face with criminals to help solve crimes. All of this together comes to make a very creepy line of work.

creepiest careers

Crime Scene Cleaners

After the coroner takes the body and the police collect the evidence is cleared from a crime scene, someone needs to clear it up. This can involve all kinds of bodily fluid, as well as pieces of the human body and broken glass. You might not think this career is dangerous, but when there’s drugs involved, the lives of the cleaners might be at risk. It takes a mere 2-3 milligrams of fentanyl to be absorbed into the blood, through airways or open wounds, to kill. In general though, we can’t help but think interacting with the scene of a crime sometimes hours after it has occured would give you the creeps. 

creepiest careers


Field epidemiologist

Remember the ebola outbreak? Well the people helping prevent the epidemic from further spreading was these guys. Going into communities and identifying and stopping an outbreak from turning into tomorrow’s health epidemic is just an everyday part of their job. In order to protect themselves they wear hazmat suits. Even so, this sounds like a really scary profession.

Forensic entomologist

Taking working with corpses one step further than the morticians, are forensic entomologists. This is probably one of the creepiest, most gruesome careers out there. These scientists work to find out when exactly someone died by the insects that have inhabited the body. This means they can be working with anything between a few flies on a corpse and a completely decomposing, maggot infested corpse. In summer, this colonisation happens faster – within 24 hours of someone dying, it will be completely infested. You must have to have a strong stomach for this one, yuck.

Can you pick the most-tolerable and worst of them all? Tell us in the comments below!

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