The Hardest Halloween Movie Quiz Ever

 The Hardest Halloween Movie Quiz Ever

Have you done a Halloween movie marathon this year yet? There’s plenty to choose from, whether you like the horror genre or prefer something a little lighter. But how well have you concentrated whilst watching them? Test your knowledge of some of the most famous Halloween movies of all time in this Halloween movie quiz.

What are the names of the 3 witches?

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Elphaba, Glinda and Nessarose are actually from the musical Wicked, and Sabrina, Zelda and Hilda are all witches from the TV show Sabrina The Teenage Witch

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Which of these reality TV show has featured an actor from Scream?

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Courtney Cox (AKA Gale Weathers) was on Running Wild with Bear Grylls in 2016. Halloween star Kyle Richards (AKA Lindsey Wallace) has starred in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since its very beginning in 2010 - she's also aunt to Paris Hilton. The Kardashians are yet to feature in any Halloween cult classics yet! There's still more Halloween movies to come though...

Where are Coraline’s parents trapped?

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What is ‘Thing’ in the Addam’s family?

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What creepy thing happened whilst filming The Exorcist?

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As shooting began in 1972, the home of Regan MacNiel set burned down due to problems with the circuit box. The really creepy thing though was that the only part to remain untouched by flames was the room used for filming the actual exorcism scenes. 2 of the actors of the movie did sadly die but only soon AFTER the filming wrapped. Things went awry so much on the set that the producers brought a priest in to bless the set.

Who wrote Carrie, Misery, and The Shining?

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Stephen King is one of the most successful horror writers of all time. His other work includes IT, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

What is IT?

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It is a shape-shifting creature known as a Glamour who is billions of years old. It originated in a dimension outside our universe, in a place called the Macroverse. The form of a female spider seems to be Its true physical form on Earth. It can morph into any other person, animal or object. This ability is used to either appear as the target's loved ones to manipulate them or lure them into a trap or appear as the target's worst psychological fear. However, Its favorite and most common form is named "Pennywise the Dancing Clown," as most small children love clowns.

Which of these actors appears in The Nightmare on Elm Street?

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As of 2020, how many movies will there be in the Halloween franchise?

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The final Halloween movie will come out in 2021, making it a very fitting unlucky 13.

The Hardest Halloween Movie Quiz You'll Ever Do
You probably don't celebrate Halloween

If you could hide under the bed for the whole season you probably would.
You like Halloween but it's not your favourite.


Yeah sure Halloween is fun, but it's not quite Christmas is it?
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

You wait for this day all year round.

How’d it go? Have you ever tried a harder Halloween movie quiz? Maybe we’ve given you some inspiration in what to watch next.

Here are 5 fast facts about Halloween movies to keep you excited this spooky season:

  • There are at least 80 movies and TV shows adapted or based on Stephen King’s work.
  • The costume makers in ‘Halloween’ used a stretched out Captain Kirk mask from ‘Star Trek’ for Michael Myers’ now iconic ‘Halloween’ mask worn throughout the film.
  • The Exorcist was the first horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
  • The original title of the film was Scary Movie, but it was changed to Scream by the Weinstein brothers in the middle of production.
  • Wes Craven regrets the ending of Nightmare on Elm Street, he said:
    • “I felt that the film should end when Nancy turns her back on Freddy and his violence—that’s the one thing that kills him. Bob wanted to have Freddy pick up the kids in a car and drive off, which reversed everything I was trying to say—it suddenly presented Freddy as triumphant. I came up with a compromise, which was to have the kids get in the convertible, and when the roof comes down, we’d have Freddy’s red and green stripes on it. Do I regret changing the ending? I do, because it’s the one part of the film that isn’t me.”


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