The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

 The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

Visiting Christmas markets have become an important part of the festive season for much of Europe. The trend has grown massively in the last decades, and traditionally modest markets have grown to take over entire cities. With so much choice, it’s hard to know which are the most beautiful christmas markets in Europe. So hopefully, this will give you a bit of a guide.

Bath, UK

Mentioned in our post about why London is the ultimate Christmas destination, we had to include it here. This market has all the classics – roasted chestnuts, apple cider and snow (just not necessarily real). Carols meet in front of the abbey to wish all the visitors a Merry Christmas. This market is set in the beautiful city of Bath, in the West of England. This city was home to the famous author Jane Austen, who took much inspiration for her novels there. To add to the romance of this market, the beautiful sandstone buildings and rolling hills make a wonderful backdrop for this iconic market.

Strasbourg, France

Considering itself the capital of Christmas, The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is the oldest Christmas market in France, dating back to 1570. The market runs from the end of November all the way through December. Placed in Cathedral Square (home to the second most it is the second most visited cathedral in France after Notre-Dame) it is as picturesque as Christmas markets get. Wrap up and treat yourself to a Vin chaud and some Bredeles whilst you browse this historic market.

Nuremberg, Germany

Since it was the no.1 market we pointed out in our Christmas travel bucket list, we had to include it here. Make sure you catch the Nuremberg Christkind, she’s particularly distinctive with her golden dress and blonde curls. In fact, the whole market (Christkindlesmarkt) is named after her. Each year, the market takes place in Hauptmarkt, the central square in Nuremberg’s old town. A square characterised by the facade of it’s Gothic church – the Frauenkirche, commissioned by Emperor Charles IV in 1352

Vilnius, Lithuania

This Christmas market has 48 stores that centres around a grand 25 metres tall Christmas tree. Lights line the top of the stalls and make for a beautiful spectacle. To add to the magic – you are almost definitely guaranteed snow at Christmas in Lithuania, as temperatures drop below 0 °C. You’ll also be able to go ice skating in Town Hall Square, so wrap up warm! There’s plenty of time to see this beautiful market, as it runs all the way through December until the beginning of January. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is particularly charming at this time of year. Tivoli Gardens is an infamous Christmas attraction, as there are decorations in every nook and cranny they could fit. The trees and buildings are covered in lights to create a real festive atmosphere. If we haven’t convinced you of the beauty of this destination already, this year features a ten-metre tree decorated from top to bottom with 3,000 Swarovski crystals. 

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take a last-minute Christmas weekend away. If you think we’ve missed any markets out of this list, please let us know in the comments below


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