Things you can buy in Europe for Five Euros

 Things you can buy in Europe for Five Euros

Do you think you can spare five euros? If you are a bargain hunter, you will be interested in how to make the most out of your money whilst travelling. Because let’s face it we all love to travel, but sometimes money is the thing that is stopping us!
There is something you can buy with a five euro note everywhere in Europe. Some of the things are a real bargain and others not too much, however this is what makes the good findings more valuable! Here’s our list of the things you can buy in some European countries with just five euro:

Poland – 3 course meal

poland meal five euros

You can usually get this bargain at restaurants which do home-made meals. This price usually involves a soup, main dish consisting of potatoes, meat and coleslaw or dumplings, a dessert and sometimes even a drink! Be sure to check out one of these restaurants, as the meals are delicious!

Switzerland – A bottle of water

swiss water five euros
Switzerland is the most beautiful European countries; however, it comes with a high price tag. That’s right five euro enables you to get the basic necessity. Water is very needed, especially if you are hiking a lot. Which is highly recommended, as the country has the best hike views!

AUSTRIA – Ticket to the opera

Vienna is home to the famous State Opera and seeing a show there is one for the bucket list! Tourists usually assume that the tickets are very expensive, however if you book in advance you can get your hands on the standing ticket just for five euro! Once in a life experience for such a small price.

Czech Republic – A cross-country bus ticket

You can travel around Czech Republic with some spare change! The bus from Prague to Brno is only around three hours, and you can get to experience more of what this beautiful country has to offer!

Spain – Tapas

Famous Spanish tapas, who wouldn’t want to try them! Their prices vary on where you go, however one or two tapas can cost around five euros. It’s the perfect snack, and if you go with other people you can share and try loads of different ones! Spanish people class it as a snack, but they’re very filling so they can definitely count as a meal!

Portugal – Ticket to cultural events

Culturegest offers five euro tickets to many events to people who are under 30! You can go to daily programs of conferences, art exhibitions, theatre and dance and music performances! It’s a nice way of exploring the artistic culture of Portugal.

France – Croque Monsieur

Simple but lovable by many, ham and cheese sandwiches (with a fried egg on top) are five euros! Perfect lunch in the sunshine in one of the French cafes, with views of the Parisian streets.

Romania – Ticket to the Dracula Castle

This is a must visit, especially considering the price! For five euro, you can explore world’s most famous castle and discover the dark history of this medieval national monument.

Germany – A medium coffee

Unfortunately, prices in Germany are a little bit more expensive than in some of the countries mentioned above. For five euro, you can get yourself a coffee, but don’t worry I’m sure it’s a good one! It must be delicious this price!

Bulgaria – 5 beers

bulgaria 5 beers for five euros

Depending on where you go, prices will vary however alcohol in Bulgaria is very cheap. Hence why you are able to get 5 beers for five euros at a bar! Party never stops in this country!

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Are you surprised with what you can get for five euros depending on the country? It’s crazy how little or how much your money can get you! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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