Things you should know before travelling to Romania

 Things you should know before travelling to Romania

Is Romania on your bucket list of places to travel to? Good! Because it should be on everyone’s list since this country has so many great features starting with nature and finishing with culture and history. Are you convinced yet? Let us help you out by telling what things you should know before travelling to Romania!



Even though Romania is in the European Union, as many other EU countries Romania does not have the Euro as its currency. The currency they are using is Romanian Leu which makes 1€ = 4.77 RON. That is the main reason why Romania is one of the cheapest places to live and travel in Europe because they do not need to raise the price to match European standards.

Prices and budget

As we mentioned, Romania is a very cheap place. Let us give you some insight into how much you should expect to spend on different products and services:


Meal per person in an inexpensive restaurant 25 RON = 5.25€


1 way ticket around a city 2.5 RON = 0.5€


A night in a 4-star Hotel 190 RON = 40€

So it means that a week in Romania would cost you around 350€ which includes 6 nights in a hotel, eating 3 meals a day for 7 days and getting around the city!

things you should know before travelling to romania

Romanian language

As some of you may know Romanian is a Latin language so it may sound familiar if you speak any of the other Latin languages! However, if you have nothing in relation with Latin or Romanian, here are some words you should know before going there that will help you to get around places.



Thank you:


Do you know where is…?:

Știi unde este …?


La revedere


Romania is one of the not so many places that have 4 actual seasons of the year, from blasting hot summers to freezing colds winters, so this is one of the most important things you should know before travelling to Romania!

Start by deciding your goal of this trip. Are you more of a person who wants to discover every corner of a particular city or do you want to feel the real beauty of Romania and head straight into the wild nature?

No matter what, you should always have a pair of comfortable shoes with you because one or another will require a lot of walking and never forget to take a raincoat because you can never know! Pack the rest of your luggage considering the previously mentioned points: at what season of the year you are going to travel and if you will stay in the city or will dive into nature.

things to know before travelling to romania

Plan your route in advance

As mentioned before you should know in advance what is your goal of visiting Romania. This is important not just to know what outfits you should pack, but also to know what places you are going to visit since Romania is 12th country by size in Europe!  In this country, you can find more than 250 castles, many beautiful cities and historical regions (including Transylvania – the home of Dracula). If you are on short time spam, prioritize things and plan your trip minute to minute to not miss out on amazing places in Romania!

If you love meat your place is Romania

Now let’s have a talk about Romanian cuisine. If you love meat – Romania is your place to be! From Balmos to Jumari to Mici and much more! Don’t get us wrong, Romania has many tasty dishes that are plant-based such as Salata de vinete and Ciorba Radautean, so everyone is welcomed!


For many years there was a rumour about Romania of it being a dangerous country to be in, but as it was said – it’s just a rumour. Romania is a safe place for tourists to travel! Despite that, you should always be aware of your surroundings and belongings no matter if you are traveling in Romania or other places in Europe.

Romanians love colour

If you want for your Instagram feed to be “poppin” you must prepare your best poses, because we would dare to say Romania is one of the most “instagramable” places in Europe! Romanian buildings are coloured in the most beautiful colours you can imagine that will not only look good in your photos but will get stuck in your memory forever!

Getting around

And lastly, but surely not least – transportation. There is not much to discuss since in Romania you can get around places in the same way as in any other European country: bus, train, car, even a plane! However, if you are planning on going to different regions of Romania and have enough time, we recommend renting a car to have a road trip, because along the way you’ll be able to see so much of amazing Romanian nature. You can even get lucky to see the biggest mammal in Europe!

And here are the most important things you should know before travelling to Romania. We hope your suitcases are packed, routes planned and bellies prepared for the amazing experience of Romania!

things you should know before travelling to romania

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