Top 20 Weirdest city names in Europe

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Europe is full of villages with cute and poetic names. But sometimes it’s a miss, and the village names, once translated into English, take on a very strange meaning. Sometimes there is not even a need to translate these names: it’s just awkward. Discover our top 20 weirdest city names in Europe.


Batman, Turkey

Coolest city name. Ever.


Cwmystwyth, Wales

That’s a sneeze, not a city name.


Bra, Italy

At least you know what to buy there.


Angers, France

Seems to be filled with nice people.

(rare footage of two Angers inhabitants greeting each others)


Oed, Denmark (Boring in English)

They must have fun there.


Lucifer, France


Los Infiernos, Spain (Hell in English)

I guess that is where Lucifer inhabitants spend their holidays.


Ogre, Latvia

Once upon a time, in a far away swamp…


Gebergte, Netherland (Mountain Range in English)

The name of this area sound totally normal, until you realise there is no mountain here. In fact, this place could not be more flat.


Drama, Greece


Rottenegg, Austria

No, thank you.


Monster, Netherlands


Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, Wales.

Longest city name in Europe. It must have taken some training time for this weatherman to pronounce it correctly.



Condom, Gers

A well protected city


A, Norway

They’ve been racking their brains on this one


Beer, England

My new favourite city.


Christmas Pie, England

Sounds tasty.


Kill, Ireland

Trust no one there.


Ugley, England

Probably nothing to see there.


Ape, Latvia



What did you think of our top 20 of weirdest city names in Europe? Sometimes we would like to meet the people who named these cities, and just ask them: WHY? (except for Batman, this is really the best city name ever).

And you? Do you know any other weird name, or have you ever been there? And if not, what is the worst city name? Tell us in the comment section !

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