Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes for Coffee Addicts in Europe

 Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes for Coffee Addicts in Europe

What is the first thing you think of or feel when you hear the word ‘coffee’? … Do you smell it? Can you taste it? Are you craving it right now? Do you wonder where you can get some in this instance? Yep, I knew it. You are a coffee addict. 

Whether you like expressos, cappuccinos, iced coffees, or macchiatos, you will not want to miss our top 5 must-visit cafes for coffee addicts in Europe. 

If you are a traveller and love coffee, make sure to read through our favorite cafes in Europe!

Top 5: Milano Roastery – Milan, Italy

Of course Italy had to be in our top 5 list of places to visit in Europe if you are a coffee addict. Milano Roastery’s secret is to offer their phenomenal homemade coffee with one of their exquisite pastries. The mixture of both will make you feel like you’re in heaven. If you ever find yourself in Milan, Italy for a business trip or just passing by for a vacation, make sure to try their coffee. You won’t be disappointed. 

Top 4:  La Boîte à Café – Lyon, France

Our Top 4 must-visit cafe in Europe is located in Lyon, France. It is a very cozy cafe with a terrace, where people tend to spend quite some time chatting with their loved ones during the summer. Their coffee will remind you of the warmest memories you reserve in your mind and will spark intense emotions. Coffee is in the air, people. Or must I say, love is in the air!

Top 3: Chucky’s Coffee House – Sofia, Bulgaria

You will find one of the tastiest coffees in the world in Chucky’s Coffee House located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The magic about this coffee shop is in their mindset! They aren’t only concerned about delivering amazing coffee, but they also promote wholesale, training, education, and sustainability lessons. If you ever go to Bulgaria, make sure to stop by!


Top 2: Mok – Brussels, Belgium

Mok can be found in two different locations in Belgium; Brussels and Leuven. 

This cafe is unmatchable because they source and roast their own coffee in order to guarantee high quality taste to their clients. On top of that, customers like to come back because Mok does a great job with their customer service. 

Top 1: Jonas Reindl – Vienna, Austria

Finally, our top 1 must-visit cafe for coffee addicts in Europe is Jonas Reindl. This coffee shop can be found in Vienna, Austria. It’s specialty is related to a mixture of flavours and aromas found in every single signature cup. In addition, Jonas Reindl cafe stresses the importance of processing the beans in a sustainable manner. If you ever find yourself in Austria, you will not want to miss out on this cafe.

These were our top 5 must-visit cafes for coffee addicts in Europe. We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more of every coffee shop and we hope you get to taste some of the amazing coffees these countries have to offer. They’ve definitely got a special place in our heart!


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