Traditional Festivals In Spain

 Traditional Festivals In Spain

Image of traditional festivals in Spain with an image of a Sevillana and Torero

Traditional Festivals In Spain

In this weeks blog, we will explore the traditional festivals in Spain. Steeped in tradition and history, locals and tourists alike flock to its towns and cities to celebrate these spectacular and even plain weird spanish festivals every year.

You’ve probably heard that the Spanish love a fiesta, but with all of these celebrations you can probably see why. Let’s begin…

Saint John’s Eve or Sant Juan

Saint John’s Eve or Sant Juan is a midsummer celebration being celebrated at the eve of the Feast day of saint John the Baptist. According to legend, the Saint John was born six months before Jesus, so the day of John the Baptist was set to be celebrated six months before Christmas according to old Roman calculation. Nowadays, for most people Sant Juan marks a start of summer, so it is celebrated at the beach with bonfires and fireworks. Spanish people believe that if they jump over the bonfire and waves in the sea at midnight it will bring them good luck.

San Fermín in Pamplona

San Fermín is an annual celebration that lasts for a week and is held in Pamplona. The main meaning of this celebration is to honour the Saint Fermín, the co-patron of Navarre. At this festival, los fiesteros traditionally wear white linen clothes with a red scarf and belt to celebrate the Saint Fermín. The festival involves traditions such as running from the bull, giant and big heads parade, traditional sports, bullfighting and fireworks. Oh, and did we mention that there is loads of wine just thrown at each other in the streets?

Fallas in Valencia

You think what you have seen already is cool? This festival involves statues that have been constructed all year round being placed all around Valencia.  That is not all, all of the statues at the end of the festival is just being burned right in front of everyone’s eyes. This celebration is called Fallas, it is all about sound and fire. It is an annual celebration being held in March in the municipality of Valencia. During the weak of Fallas you will hear a lot of fire crackers exploding and beautiful ladies and girls called falleras being dressed in traditional Spanish dresses which might cost 1 000€ and more. A statue of Maria is dressed with real flowers brought by falleras and a group of men place them on the statue to create a beautiful pattern. It is one of the most mesmerising festivals in Spain that everyone must see it at least once!


La Tomatina in Buñol

Have you ever wanted to throw something at someone’s face? Well, La Tomatina festival will let you take out all your frustrations! This crazy tradition started more than 70 years ago and is celebrated every last Wednesday of August in Buñol. In this festival 20 000 people throw tomatoes at each other. For what you might ask? Just for fun!

Would you like to visit these Traditional Festivals in Spain or maybe you already have done? Tell us in the comments below!

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