A Typical Working Week

 A Typical Working Week

A typical working week is definitely full of it’s ups and downs!

Monday to Sunday – each day has its own difficulties that a worker has to solve.  They say that a picture speaks a thousand words – well imagine how many words a GIF must say! Here are nine very relatable GIFs to help get you through the working week – bonus ones for the weekend because they taste so sweet.


Not…again… Waking up before 9am is a struggle again. Maybe the tasks for the day ahead aren’t so bad, but everything’s tainted by the fact today is a Monday.

typical working week


The worst day of the week – this is even confirmed by science. Monday is tough yes – but you’ve had the weekend to recover from last week and build up some energy to come in for a new week. Tuesday the week is less new and yet somehow you’ve still got more than half of it left?? Everything seems to be busier on a Tuesday and you’ve moaned too much on Monday to justify carrying on for another day.


Something about being half way through the week feels especially great. You’ve hit your stride and by the evening the start of the weekend is only 48 hours away!


“Almost there.. almost there…almo….” Thursday morning is rubbish, because it feels like it should be the last day of the working week, but in reality you’ve got one more day to complete. People are still as busy as any other day of the week. However, Thursday evening feels so sweet knowing tomorrow is Friday! It’s almost as if you’ve already crossed the finish line!


Getting out of bed is so much easier knowing you’ll get a lie in for the next two days! Everyone is way more relaxed on a Friday, and a lot of the time the last two hours in the office barely even feel like work. Plans are made for Friday evening – whether it’s going out to bars with your mates or lying on the sofa with a takeaway with your girl/boyfriend – whatever it is, it’s almost always something to look forward to!

typical working week


Saturday morning is the best when you know you can lie in today and tomorrow. Plus, the day is usually packed with fun stuff.

The evening is great too – because we all pretty feel like this:


You finally have time to sort your life out. Sunday mornings are the best, and probably the most wholesome of the week. Whether you’re nursing a hangover, going for brunch with the girls or staying in bed – no ones in a rush on a Sunday.

However, reality hits you at 4pm. You start worrying you’ve wasted your weekend and you can’t even do anything about it! Sunday evenings are hard to completely enjoy when you know what’s coming right around the corner…

typical working week

…and so the cycle continues.

We wish you all a very good week! The good news: you are not alone. As the cast of High School Musical said it best, we’re all in this together!

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