A Typical Working Week

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A typical worker's week


How does a typical worker’s week look like? Monday to Sunday – each day has its own difficulties a hard worker has to solve.  And i’m sure everybody can agree with more than two pictures. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words – well imagine how many words a GIF must say! Here are seven very relatable GIFs to help get you through the working week.


“Children, do not exaggerate party on the weekend – because this is how you will feel on Monday”:


“Seriously? Still four days of work?”


“We are halfway there!”



“Almost there.. almost there…almo….”



“Freedom! (I won’t let you down)
Freedom! (I will not give you up)
Freedom! (Have some faith in the sound)”


“What i’m doing on Saturday?”


“Sunday, Fundaaaay… and, also true: tomorrow’s Monday!”



We wish you all a very good week!
The good news: You are not alone!

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