Would you spend your holidays hiking in the woods?

 Would you spend your holidays hiking in the woods?


Today’s post comes from Fanni, ELJ marketing team member and hiking enthusiast.

Hiking isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to a summer holiday; more a nice beach, delicious cocktails and lazy afternoons by the pool.

These kinds of holidays can be very relaxing, but at the same time, they are not so memorable. You should be more adventurous than trying all of the cocktails on the menu. Make your vacation special and do something unusual, like going on a hiking trip to the woods!

In Europe, there are amazing places where you can enjoy clean air, beautiful views and the closeness of nature. Of course, being so close to nature has its downsides that you have to keep in mind before booking your next hiking trip.

So to decide if this kind of holiday is for you or you should stick to the good old sleep-beach-bar holiday routine, we help you out with our list of awesome hiking destinations complete with a pro and con list!

Here it comes:

PRO: Triglav National Park of north-western Slovenia is a dream destination for hikers. It has all the perks that come with hiking: fresh air, breath-taking views, and even a glacial lake called Lake Bohinj.

hiking europe

CON: It is very likely that you will miss the sparkling bathroom of your comfy hotel, especially if you don’t like the idea of choosing a discretely covering bush instead.

No bathroom while hiking

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PRO: At the end of your trip you can have a swim in a tiny lake, where the source of the water is a little waterfall. In Spain, Cataluña, you can find the so called Gorgs. To reach these hidden lakes, besides hiking for a few hours, you will normally have to approach the area by car. Public transportation does not connect these places with any cities. But it is absolutely worth it!

hiking in Europe

 Source:  www.campingsalon.com  

CON: The traditional type of accommodation while hiking is a tent. It takes a whole lot of time to put up, and yes, it is uncomfortable. If you feel like cancelling your hiking trip asap, take a look at the picture above to be convinced again.

Putting a tent while hiking

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PRO: While hiking you get to see amazing views like this one from Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. If you are fit enough, you can challenge yourself to reach over 3000 meters!

hiking in Europe
Source: www.city-discovery.com/salzburg

CON:  Insects everywhere. You will have to get used to them.

insects while hiking

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PRO:  If you go for hiking, you can easily find yourself in a picturesque forest, feeling like an explorer in the jungle! This will be especially true if you choose to go to the Slovakian national park called Slovenský raj, which means Slovakian Paradise.

Hiking tour Slovakia

CON: You will be tired, super tired.

Hiking makes you tired

The best thing about hiking trips is the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the hike, when you can proudly say you made it! In addition, you can save a lot of money on not staying in an expensive hotel, on not flying to the seaside and not buying an excessive number of Mojitos.










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