What To Do This Weekend During Lockdown Based on Your Zodiac Sign

 What To Do This Weekend During Lockdown Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Lockdown may be easing off in certain parts of the world, but staying safe is still a major priority this summer. So, you’re probably thinking what’s there to do? There’s loads! Summer is here, and there is no way the current situation can stop you from having a great time while being safe. Here are some fun ideas for how to spend your weekends during lockdown and they’re all based on your Zodiac sign. How cool!! 

Remember: If you’re in a public place, make sure to wear a face mask and stay at least 6ft away from others at all times, and say home if you feel unwell!

Aries – Have A Picnic 

Pack up some food, drinks and head to your local park or your back garden! You can either go alone or bring some family or friends along. Spending some quality time under the sun with make you relaxed and completely forget about all the troubles that are happening currently around the world (maybe not completely, but it’s close enough)

Taurus – Take a Road Trip   

This doesn’t mean you can travel across the country! But simply checking out a park an hour away or a beach or even a different city near you, is a great way to get your travel time whilst social distancing. Hop in the car and go somewhere new! Taurus love to travel and change up their environment, so make sure to take loads of cool photos!

Gemini – Go On A Virtual Date 

A virtual date doesn’t mean Facetime with someone you’ve never met…well unless that’s exactly what you want to do! But, sit down with an old time friend and have a catch up! Geminis likes the finer things, so, pour your favourite wine, put on that cute fit sitting in your wardrobe and talk away with someone new or your friend.

Cancer  – Rest 

Cancers like to always be busy and when summer comes around, their to do list becomes a never ending road. Instead of over doing it, give yourself some time to rest. Whether this is taking a nap or watching new series on Netflix, spend this weekend with guilt free relaxation and prepare yourself for a motivated week ahead.

Leo  – Catch Up With A Loved One

We love Leos, we really do, but they have a tendency to be a little self-centered. It’s just because they’re constantly thinking about how they’ll take over the world, I get it. But this weekend, use your time to get in a good conversation with one of your BFFs or a family member. Don’t just go into the usual—really ask how they are and support them in whatever ways they’re needing it.

Virgo  – Host At Home 

Grab yourself all your favourite snacks and invite a couple of your friends or family over for a night you’ve all been waiting for, for months! If you are still under strict lockdown or social distancing, no biggie – make it virtual!!

Libra  -Go Out For Ice cream or Get It Delivered 

Age doesn’t matter! Let your inner child loose, Libras! This is basically the quintessential treat of summer, so look out for places that are offering curbside or delivery service. Or, stick to buying those Ben and Jerrys and go CRAZY. You deserve it!!

Scorpio  -Take a Bike Ride 

Scorpios love creative ideas however, this isn’t one of them! Put down the paint brush and head out for some fresh air for one. Relax! Grab your bike and go riding for a few hours or go for a long walk in the local park.

Sagittarius -Watch The Sunrise 

Sagittarius, you’ll love the change of waking up early to catch the beautiful sunrise,which feels totally different during the summer than it does any other time of the year.

Capricorn -Watch a Movie You’ve Never Seen 

Capricorns love to get stick to habit, so trying to branch out from that habit can be pretty difficult….This weekend try something you’ve never seen before on Netflix or Amazon Prime! What should you watch? Try out some of our most recommended films on Netflix. Click here

Aquarius – Make Homemade Cocktails 

Aquarius is dying to have a drink at the local bar, but whilst we can’t, how about make your own at home? Here are a few cocktail ideas to get you started. Invite your roommates, friends or family or just make one while you enjoy reading in the sun.

Pisces- Decorate 

This is a great idea especially if you’re still heavily social distancing, keeping your space bright with new ideas will help you stay creative and motivated as summer starts. Time to say goodbye to the thick, heavy blanks, and say hello to light, bright new bed linen, a splash of bright colours and some fresh flowers for your new decorated bedroom.

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