Quiz: Which Type Of Erasmus Student Are You?

 Quiz: Which Type Of Erasmus Student Are You?

You meet many types of students on Erasmus!

A big part of the enjoyment of Erasmus is meeting new people. With over 5 million participants, you end up interacting with a wide range of personalities. Whether they seem completely normal or downright weird, there are all kinds of characters. Some seem to have limitless amounts of money to travel, some take every opportunity to party, others bury themselves in books, and there’s a minority that spend all their time wishing they could go home. So this begs the question… what type of Erasmus student are you?

We’ve outlined 8 questions that will determine the answer to this question…

How many times do you go out a week?

which erasmus student

Which movie character do you relate best to?

which erasmus student

What's your dream Erasmus holiday?

which erasmus student
which erasmus student

Will you miss your family?

How many languages do you speak?

How much studying are you planning on doing?

which erasmus student

Why are you doing Erasmus?

Pick a song:

Erasmus Student Personality Test
The Party Animal

which erasmus student party animal

You looooove to party! Erasmus has nothing to do with learning for you - it's all about meeting new people and discovering new clubs!

which erasmus student

Doing Erasmus was no question. Who wouldn't want to move somewhere new and immerse themselves in a foreign culture?
Homesick Erasmus Student

which erasmus student

Ummm... the reasons you chose to do Erasmus are unclear. At least it'll look good on your CV!

which erasmus student

Erasmus is nothing but a learning experience. You're there to study, not party! People who aren't fluent in at least 2 languages by the time they leave Erasmus are a mystery to you.
Big Spender

which erasmus student

Everyday is a self care day on your Erasmus year! Immersing yourself is about eating out every other day and trying all the coolest cocktail bars around. You only live once, right?

Do you agree with our results? Let us know what type of Erasmus student you are in the comments below. For more Erasmus related content, make sure to check out our Erasmus page!

See you next time!


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