Why Choose to Study in the Netherlands?

 Why Choose to Study in the Netherlands?

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Why choose to study in the Netherlands


One of the biggest decisions in life you will ever make? Other than getting married of course, would be choosing where to study. Studying in Holland in particular has become increasingly popular for students across Europe… but if you need more convincing we’ve compiled a list of reasons on why you should study in the Netherlands.

A lot of universities in the Netherlands offer programs in English, which are accessible not only for Dutch students, but for all students from the whole world.


Being a student in Holland makes you international student and after your graduation, you become an international employee.


Holland is famous for being one of the most tolerant countries in the world, with a total amount of non-Dutch citizens about 20% and counting. That means, that in Holland, no matter where you are from, you will never feel alone or discriminated.


Moreover, Dutch people are famous for their entrepreneurial spirit and great discovers. There a lot of things which you can learn from this pioneering nation. The idea of the Dutch education is to leave room for the ideas of the students, because no one knows who can be the next Philips founder or Van Gogh. If you are a student in a Dutch university, you will be always asked to take part into the class conversation, and in that way you will learn, that everything is about partnerships and creativity.


Universities of applied sciences in Holland offer practice-oriented learning. This means, that you will spend at least one semester working in an international company, which is very good ground base for your future career. Nowhere in the world, graduates of the bachelor programs, have an experience in their CV, before they managed to finish their education.

And last, but not least – practical matters are very important when choosing your future study destination.


Education in the Netherlands is much more affordable than in some other countries. EU students have to pay 2060 euro for the academic year 2018-2019 and first year students pay only half of it – 1030 euro. If you are outside E, then your tuition fee is higher – up to 8000-10000 euro, but you can also apply for a lot of grants and scholarships than can help you financially. Living expenses in the Netherlands are 300-400 euro on average (depends on your lifestyle) and rents are usually also 300-400 euro.


At the same time, universities offer education of a high quality, valued everywhere in the world. With your diploma from a Dutch universities you can work everywhere you want.


If that convinced you and you now know for sure that you want to study in Holland you can contact UNIFY. It is an international company, based in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania which helps students to get accepted into their dream university in the Netherlands.


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