Working from home Expectation Vs Reality

 Working from home Expectation Vs Reality

I’m guilty! What’s working from home, when you can watch Netflix in bed with popcorn? We have all said “I would rather work from home. It would be so much easier” or “I will be a lot more productive if I worked from home”, but will it be as easy as we say or will you be best friends with your couch by the end of the week?

Read on into this blog to see what we believe we would do when ‘ working at home’ Vs what we actually do! Whilst your reading, tally up to see how guilty you are with this expectations vs reality of working from home test.

Get dressed each day to increase work productivity 

REALITY: Apart from the occasional Skype conference meetings in the mornings, you will spend most of your days in loungewear with stains of last night’s spaghetti bolognese or wear pyjamas that haven’t been washed in days with holes seeping through. 

girl in Pijamas at home

You’ll make healthy, delicious home-cooked lunches every day 

REALITY: “Instant noodles will do”, “Why is the fridge empty” or “I can’t be bothered to go outside”, will be your favourite sayings whilst working at home, so make sure to do a big shop either online or in stores so you are set to make the “home-cooked” meals you promised yourself. 

no food in the fridge

You’ll get so much work done working at home by yourself

REALITY: Just admit it, you jumped for joy when a delivery man knocked at the door this morning – only to realise he got the wrong house!  You’re guilty of loneliness eating away at you. I told you, working at home isn’t that much easier! But its okay, take breaks every so often to communicate with friends and work colleagues to balance your social life and work or take a walk to the local park or shop. 

You’ll be super organised with your household chores

REALITY:  Day 1… Day 2… Day 3…. Day 25, and the mountain of laundry is still there waiting to be loaded in the washing machine. But, I’m sure you will get round to it as well as unloading the dishwasher as soon as you finish the spreadsheet due in 30 minutes for your manager, and after you answer all your 40 emails… But before all of that, Netflix anyone? 

No commuting means more time

No commuting means you’ll have time to get that hour workout before work, have a nice healthy breakfast and start your day with a positive attitude and productive manner

REALITY: You wish… Wake Up!!!… You’re no longer dreaming!  The alarm goes off… Snooze… The alarm goes off, again…Wake up at 9:30 am, stay in bed, open up the laptop, *looks at the number of emails*, back to bed you go! Admit it, you do this. 

baby wants to sleep

You will create a tumblr quality workplace 

You will create a workplace that makes your work ethic more effective and productive. You will decorate it with new pencils and pens and colourful post-it notes. 

REALITY: Oh, you thought that was really going to happen? You’re too funny! We all know that you are going to do your work from either your couch or snuggled up in your warm cosy bed. But, it’s ok, I guess. “As long as you get the work done” right? 😉

dog working on a computer in bed

So where do you stand? More on the side of expectations or reality? Just remember once you acquire a certain habit, it becomes harder to quit it so make sure you set some rules and have discipline so that at the end of the day you feel productive and happy about your routine.

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