You know you need holidays when…

August is almost here… and some of us are still working (or at least trying). Here’s a post for those who are in urgent need of holidays.

You know you need holidays when…

You stopped hearing your alarm clock a month ago,

or started stopping it

and then sobbed uncontrollably ’cause it’s way too late.

When you manage to get to the office you’re still like

and when you recover all you can do is either this

or this

or both.

Until it’s 5pm… then you just run out yelling.

The closest you’ve been to an exotic summer holiday is a pineapple,

that’s why your lack of tan makes you shine (bright like a diamond)

and your swimming skills have become worse than this

The worst part is that all your friends are on holiday

and you know because Facebook AND Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…

But don’t panic

We’re here for you

We know how you feel


There’s nothing better than an

Happy (non-)holidays to you all 🙂 


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