Quiz: Which Game Of Thrones character are you?

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Ready for Game Of Thrones new season?

Welcome to our new quiz!

 We guess for you too, the wait for the Game of Thrones new season is endless, especially after seeing the different trailers.

Don’t worry, there are only a couple of days left before the new season. In a few hours, we will be able to follow the path of the Starks, Targaryans, Lannisters and White Walkers again, and we will finally have the answer to this long-awaited question: at the end, who will sit on the Iron Throne?

In the meantime, come and discover our personality test, to know which character in the series suits you best: You will see, the results can be surprising!


Where are you from?

Where do you live now?

Your dream job should allow you to:

You go on a trip alone, you take with you:

You are having a strong disagreement with somebody. What do you do?

What is your favorite thing to do when you discover a new city?

Which one of the followings would be your totem animal?

What is your favorite activity?

Where would you like to spend your next holidays?

Which Game Of Thrones character are you?
Daenerys Targaryen

You are definitely super badass. You have traveled a lot, you have influence, and you wish to conquer the world. However, if there is a dragon following you, you should probably go to see a doctor.
Jon Snow

King in the North! You fear nothing, but you know nothing neither. It’s time to go south a bit, take the sun, you're so pale, you're going to end up getting sick.
Arya Stark

You are the perfect backpacker. Adaptable, curious, courageous, strategist, and a great problem solver. Except you get rid of your problems by killing people. Remember to calm down, the person who stepped on your foot yesterday certainly didn't deserve to have his throat cut.
Cersei Lannister

Come on, why are you that bad with people?? I mean, having ambition is great, but did you have to kill everybody to get power? Be carefull of everybody, there are soooo many angry people against you.
Tyrion Lannister

Your biggest talent is your incredible relation to others. Even if you are discreet, you are incredibly intelligent, and you have a lot of influence among people. You love meeting people, travelling, and everybody likes you. Except your sister. If you have a family lunch planned soon with her, I would advise you not to go. Really, don’t go…
Sansa Stark

You love your comfort, and you feel particularly in security in the places you know. If I could give you an advice, be careful in your relationships: you might have a tendency to date psycopaths.
A White Walker

You are such a bad person. But you have really beautiful eyes.

You have a strong influence among your entourage. But why do you always want to burn people? You should talk about it in your next therapy session.

Do not forget to share your results in the comments!

Thank you very much for hanging out with Europe Language Café and we will see you in our next blog!

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