Cost of Living in Krakow, Poland

Poland is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, and despite a sharp increase in tourism numbers in the recent years, the city of Krakow has also kept its costs down. If you’re planning a city break or an extended stay in the city, you’ll be pleased to know that everything from accommodation to eating out is exceptionally affordable. Read on to discover the cost of living in Krakow!

Eating out

Like everything in Krakow, eating out is affordable. This helps to keep your cost of living low. You can expect to pay as little as 150 PLN (33 EUR) for dinner and drinks for two people in a high-end restaurant, while dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost you around 100 PLN (22 EUR). A large number of street food trucks and gourmet fast-food restaurants provide plenty of opportunities for a budget meal out.

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There is plenty of budget-friendly accommodation to choose from in Krakow, with many modern Airbnb apartments costing between 590 EUR and 950 EUR for a one-month stay, and as little as 120 EUR for a long weekend. Those looking to stay a little longer than a month can expect to pay around 1180 EUR for seven weeks.

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A visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau will most likely be the most expensive sightseeing cost when visiting Krakow, but even that is relatively affordable. When booking a guided tour that includes return transport from the city centre, you can expect to pay around 170 PLN (40 EUR).

When it comes to the city itself, there is plenty to see as well! The entry to many of the tourist attractions is free. The Wawel Castle, the fire-breathing dragon at Vistula River’s bank, and the enitre Old Town are sure to provide entertainment for at least a few-day’s stay and leave you enamoured with this beautiful city – the setting for so many of Polish tales and legends. And for a good reason!

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Drinking out

There is a fairly uniform price for beer in Krakow with the majority of bars charging 10 PLN (2.50 EUR) for a local draught beer. If you opt for an international offering such as Pilsner Urquell, you can expect to pay a little more, but you’re unlikely to spend more than 15 PLN (3.50 EUR). Coffee is also reasonably priced with coffee shops charging 10 PLN (2.50 EUR) for a cappuccino or a flat white.

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When shopping partially in a budget supermarket such as Lidl, and partially in a more expensive local option such as Carrefour, you can expect to pay between 200 and 300 PLN (45 and 65 EUR) for a one-week shop for two people. Not bad,right? This is calculated based on a shopping that includes predominantly fresh ingredients with a small amount of fish and meat, as well as a few beers and a bottle of wine.

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With a ten-minute Uber journey around the city costing as little as 15 PLN (3.50 EUR), there isn’t really a need to use any other form of travel in Krakow. However, if you wish to experience riding the tram, you can purchase a single ticket for just 3.40 PLN (0.80 EUR).

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Or you can try going like this ^ for free, but at your own risk!

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